100th Street Candy Store

A great little bodega, the 100th Street Candy Store, wedged in between two much larger buildings on West 100th Street btw. Manhattan Ave and CPW:

Candy 101 01

They’ve got it all, including “lotery tickets and things!”

Candy 101 02

I really like signs with colored lights around the border.

Candy 101 04


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  1. $8.25 for a pack of cigarettes? Yikes!

  2. No body should smoke.
    It would be the “things” that would entice me! Your blog is the first thing I reach for in the morning.
    The invisable, the neglected, the overlooked- You are a saint!

  3. Well, sure, Linda Sue, but still, that’s nearly twice what they cost here in Minnesota.

  4. really into your site, love the old candy store signs too.

  5. I love that the store is so narrow that its sign extends onto the building next door.

  6. It’s things like this that I would visit N.Y. for…….

  7. We grew up going to that store all the time after walking back from the central park pool..
    They used to have the best cheap sandwiches we could afford as kids…this is from where we saw the “seven-ups” movie being filmed in the 70’s – one of the better car chase flicks ever

  8. I don’t understand what’s the big deal about this place, I live right across the street from it and all day I see people sitting in front of the store just hanging out (sometimes being loud and disruptive), I have yet to see real customers walking in and out. How do they make a profit? They open and close unpredictably and sometimes they’re not open at all! I haven’t been inside yet because I’m not sure if they actually want to sell stuff or just chill.