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Grand Central Rats


Thousands of people go into Grand Central through the Lexington Ave entrance every day. I always wonder how many look up and see the rats also desperately trying to get in. I’m not quite sure I fully understand the symbolism, but, according to Forgotten NY, The Graybar building was once the nation’s focal point for maritime and rail transport. If ... Read More »

Candy, Cobblers, and Revolvers


There are certain places in NYC that people rave about as being “so unique” and “must see.” I’m trying to think of good examples, but the only one that’s coming to mind is Magnolia Bakery, bakers of cupcakes whose recipe consists entirely of ludicrous amounts of sugar, butter, and flour. Don’t get me wrong, they’re good, but are they really ... Read More »

Skulls, Orgasms, and Dionysis


Back to Manhattan, where I found myself scouting less and less frequently (it costs way less to shoot in any of the other boroughs). I started in the Lower East Side, or LES if you’re feeling lazy. I love the building ad for S. Beckenstein Fabrics, complete with arrows pointing to the door that takes you up to the second ... Read More »

Scouting Red Hook


I really don’t know Red Hook. I’ve been down once or twice before for shoots at the shipping docks, but I’ve always thought of it as a no-man’s-land. Among other reasons, there isn’t a subway anywhere in the area (the water taxi is the fastest option to the city), which pretty much kills it as a convenient place to live. ... Read More »

Greenpoint Trees and Cobblestones


One of my favorite streets in Greenpoint, where I was scouting today, is Guernsey St. btw. Meserole and Norman. The street is lined with gnarled trees that are all bent over toward the middle, creating a canopy. It’s more impressive in the summer when it’s in bloom, but still pretty neat regardless. I’ve taken about a million pictures of this ... Read More »

East Williamsburg Factories, Sunset Park Warehouses


I spent the earlier part of today trolling through the factories of East Williamsburg/Bushwick looking for interesting blocks that could stand-in for an industrial section of Manhattan. One of the great parts about walking through these otherwise deserted stretches of Brooklyn are the smells. There are lots of factories making various food products, and different odors slam into your nostrils ... Read More »

Tribeca into Soho


In my opinion, Tribeca is one of the more boring places to live in New York – everything seems to close early, almost as an extension of the Financial District, which is too bad because there’s a lot of fantastic old buildings that have been converted into lofts and office space. Some people still have Halloween decorations out, which I’m ... Read More »

Hell’s Kitchen

One of the few perks about film scouting is that they give you $10 for lunch. I ate at Island Burger today, a hole-in-the-wall burger joint in Hell’s Kitchen (west side 40′s), where I was scouting. As I was sitting on a stoop eating my burger, a gust of wind came and blew all these little leaves off, creating a ... Read More »

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For the past four years, I’ve worked as a New York City location scout finding locations for feature films. I’ve been pretty much everywhere at this point, from the highest rooftops to the deepest subway tunnels, from abandoned ruins to zillion-dollar luxury penthouse apartments. What always amazes me about New York is how much there is to see if you ... Read More »