Monthly Archives: December 2008

Clean Hands Protect Health!


This was painted on the tile wall of a kitchen that probably hasn’t been used in about 60 years: I love the red fingernails, the font on the lettering, the detail on the hands, and especially the fact that either its painted as if looking at someone who is holding up their hands for inspection…or the thumbs are on the ... Read More »

A Snowy Day At Fort Totten


When I was a little kid, seeing two abandoned buildings like these would have set my imagination racing. I would have killed to go inside and explore their secrets. What would I find on the other side of boarded up doorways, broken windows, and crumbling brick walls? What sort of decaying furniture and forgotten relics would be waiting inside? Who ... Read More »

The Amazing Wizard Of Park Ave


Merry Belated Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Holidays/Etc.! I was grappling with two enormous backpacks on my way out of the city on Tuesday when I noticed this great cast-iron (?) clock on the Schwarzenbach Building at 470 Park Avenue South btw. 31st & 32nd Street. In my pictures it looks prominent, but this is something you’d almost assuredly miss on Park Ave South. ... Read More »

Back In Time In Midwood


Nothing is better than driving through a neighborhood I’ve never been to and stumbling on something like this: You can find this amazing art-moderne building at the corner of Beverley Rd and Bedford Ave, and when I say Bedford Ave, I don’t mean a stretch in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, or Bed-Stuy. Some of you might be surprised to learn (as I was) ... Read More »

Christmas In Williamsburg


Watch out when you’re coming out of the Bedford Avenue L-Train stop in Williamsburg… …Someone hung mistletoe above the stairwell entrance! OK, it’s plastic, but any sort of mistletoe counts at Christmas, right? -SCOUT Read More »

The Ghostbusters Firehouse Dressed For Christmas


This isn’t a secret or anything, but Hook & Ladder #8 has been dressed for the season and looks great, especially in the snow storm that hit today (click the picture and look at the biggest size on Flickr for the full effect). You probably recognize this iconic Manhattan firehouse from a number of films and TV shows, including Ghostbusters, ... Read More »

The Navy Yard Lounge


Note: this is now gone. This is probably familiar to anyone who drives down Flushing Ave off of the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, but I’ve always loved the exterior of the Navy Yard Lounge, which looks like what I imagine a lot more bars were like about 20 or 30 years ago. Doesn’t this look like the kind of place ... Read More »

They’re Watching You


Nothing makes scouting a claustrophobic, pitch-black abandoned underground tunnel by flashlight better than looking up and seeing these things a foot above your head: My guide assured me that the literally thousands of insects sitting motionlessly on the walls were just crickets…but for some reason, this didn’t make it all better. -SCOUT Read More »

Summers Above Central Park


A few years back, I was working on a film that had a camera position on the roof of a building just south of Central Park. The position required some construction, about two weeks of prep work, and I was assigned to “babysit” the crew – basically let them in, keep an eye on them while they worked, hold down ... Read More »

The Gargoyles Over Madison Square Park


The amount of detail to be found in NYC is absolutely mind-boggling, to the point where there are ornamentation and decorative flourishes that are simply invisible to anyone but the birds. A few years ago, I was working on a job that had a camera position on a roof near Madison Square Park. I got to spend a few beautiful ... Read More »