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The Financial District Pharaohs


I’m not sure how well you can see these from the ground, but adorning the corners of this building are some great pharaohs, complete with headdresses and wings: As a sidenote, if you look at the buildings to the left, you’ll see some bear heads keeping watch: -SCOUT Read More »

The Abandoned Big Bamboo Lounge of Kissimmee, FL


Two years ago, I took my first ever trip down to Disney World and had a much better time than I ever expected to. On a non-parks day, a friend took me around Orlando to a few interesting sites off the beaten path. Among them was the then-closed/now-demolished Big Bamboo Lounge, a dive bar pictured above. I wish I had ... Read More »

The West 59th Street Sea Creatures


Way over on West 59th Street between 10th and 11th is this great little Parks Department rec center, dwarfed on all sides by ultra-modern glass-curtain highrises. Once a bath house, the rec center now houses a public pool. What I especially love about this building are the two aquatic sculptures in the upper corners. In the left corner, you have ... Read More »

The Slow Death of Admiral’s Row


If you were traveling down Flushing Ave around 1904, this was what you would have seen: Jump forward in time to 2009, and this is what remains: Admiral’s Row is a series of dilapidated yet gorgeous Second Empire-style mansions once used to house officers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Some of them date back to the Civil War. Left to ... Read More »

The Cup & Saucer Diner


New York is overfilled with flashy, archetypal steel-and-glass diners that look like they were transported here directly from the 1950′s. Sadly, as the city has become more and more gentrified, most of them have become carbon copies of each other in terms of quality (shitty) and price (rip-off). One of my favorite diner exteriors is as unflashy as they come: ... Read More »

The 40th St Philosophers


One of my favorites bits in Times Square can be found on West 40th Street between Broadway and 6th. It’s two blocks from the main Times Square action, and you can feel the frantic energy vanish as soon as you turn onto the street. If you look closely at the building to the left, you’ll see are five sculpted figures, ... Read More »

The W Hotel Elephants


I was in midtown today scouting around East 48th Street, an area with a ton of archetypal New York hotels (The Waldorf-Astoria, The Intercontinental, The Benjamin, The Marriott East Side, etc., etc., etc.). I happened to notice something on the W Hotel at 541 Lexington that I haven’t ever before: elephants! They’re actually somewhat difficult to see from the street, ... Read More »

You’re Never Alone


I was taking pictures on an empty side-street in Queens near the East River when I suddenly noticed these five guys staring at me from the back of a truck. Haha, OK, it’s obvious in my pictures that it’s just a very high quality photo, but at the time, thinking I was alone, it definitely induced a momentary double-take. Best ... Read More »

The East Village Roof-Top Beach House


For the first year or two after I moved to New York, I became one of those people who smugly criticized tourists for “looking up.” “Looking up” to ogle buildings as you walked down the street (causing you to inevitably bump into real New Yorkers like me with places to go) was about the greatest sin you could commit (well, ... Read More »