Monthly Archives: February 2009

Man Leaps From 23rd Street Ledge


Someone emailed me a couple weeks back that there was a man jumping off a ledge on West 23rd btw. 8th & 9th. It took me a while to finally get around to checking it out, but luckily, the man is still in the process of jumping: I believe this is some sort of art installation. It’s sort of weird, ... Read More »

Elephants on East 10th Street


This building, 9 East 10th Street (once the home of author Dawn Powell), features a really, really neat building number sign. It’s beautifully ornate, especially on this otherwise unremarkable building. I love the African theme, sort of feels like it should be on the outside of a safari club (note: commenters are saying this is Indian – I apologize for ... Read More »

The Greek Temple At 28th Street


I was walking south down Broadway from 34th Street today when I saw this pretty amazing temple perched on top of a building at the corner of 28th Street: See it, jutting out from the left hand corner? It’d be sort of boring if it was just a building motif that spanned the entire top level, but the fact that ... Read More »

Could I Get A Hand Holding This Thing?


One of my favorite blocks in Manhattan is West 46th Street btw. 5th and 6th Avenues. An incredibly diverse mix of styles are represented there, ranging from art deco buildings to brownstones. All were built prior to 1930 and very little has been done since, making the block essentially an architectural museum. West 46th is also home to one of ... Read More »

Travel the World by Sea or Air


On 8th Ave btw. 39th and 40th is this really great faded travel sign, complete with an arrow on the right side pointing down to where a (long gone) travel agency used to be. I love finding remnants of old travel ads throughout the city. In a world of Travelocitys and Expedias, the idea of physically going to a travel ... Read More »

On the corner of 23rd and Fourth…Or Is It Park?


I’m standing on the corner of 23rd and Park Ave South… So why does that building on the corner say 4th Ave? This is another one of those great “walked by it a thousand times, never noticed” quirks. Now the shortest avenue in Manhattan, Fourth Ave was once all of Park Ave until it was renamed in the 1800s. You ... Read More »

The River Below Fifth Avenue


One of the things that absolutely fascinates me about Manhattan is the idea that streams and rivers that once flowed above ground continue to this day deep beneath our feet. In some instances, man-made canals were built to divert their path; in others, persistent rivers fought through landfill to continue on their way. One such stream is Minetta Brook, which ... Read More »

The 9th Ave Demons Don’t Like You


I’ve been scouting for something around Times Square/Hell’s Kitchen over the last week (as evidenced by some of my recent posts), and I noticed this great building on 9th Ave between 52nd and 53rd. Above each window on the second and third floor are these awesome busts of…well, I’m not really sure what. They sort of remind me of the ... Read More »

Tragedy on Broadway


It’s funny how you stumble on interesting bits in the unlikeliest of places. I was scouting Broadway in Brooklyn, which runs underneath the elevated JMZ train and is basically a series of greasy restaurants, dollar stores, and bodegas. If you look closely, partially covered up by the 99¢ store sign is this really great sculpture, which centers on a tragedy ... Read More »