Monthly Archives: March 2009

A Skull & Dagger in Barcelona


READ BEFORE SCROLLING DOWN!!!: I went to Spain last summer shortly after finishing a huge stressful film job and had an amazing time (despite my surprise to learn that the midday temperature in the south often hits 104°…I, uh, should really do my research before I go on these things). I spent a week in Barcelona where a friend of ... Read More »

Everyone Should Decorate Their Office Like This


Thanks to anyone who called the Mayor’s Office. We’ll see what happens…I’ve been really busy on set recently, but I’ll try to be better about posting. A year or two ago, I was scouting a school in NYC and happened to walk through this very cool office for the Phys Ed teacher. Apparently, he’s been putting up newspaper clippings since ... Read More »

The Stationery Sign on Broadway


Note: I think this is now gone. You’ve probably seen this sign a million times. It’s on Broadway, just north of Canal Street, and I always assumed there was a stationery store keeping it around for nostalgia value. Except…there is no stationery store. I looked a little closer when I took this picture though, and couldn’t find anything it would ... Read More »

RIP: Fulton Fish Market


In November ’05, Manhattan’s historic Fulton Fish Market left its home at the South Street Seaport for new pastures in the Bronx, ending an incredible 183 year run.  Since 1822, the market has been one of the most important wholesale fish markets in the country, where fresh fish of literally every variety are available. The buildings are now empty and ... Read More »

Evil Jesters on West End Ave


I really dig the motif on this building, The Umbria, at 82nd St and West End Ave… …which I choose to describe as Evil Jester design. I like how the crooked nose sticks way out, and how it feels like you could actually put your hand in his mouth. Is that wolf part of his jester troupe? They stretch around ... Read More »

Over The Door


As you can tell from the recent posts, I’ve been spending a lot of time around the West 70′s recently. Two quick doorways: I like the little relief over this doorway, in which two angels (or babies?) are holding a cloth that has the building number written on it. I think I like it because the angels look not so ... Read More »

The Rooftop Ski Chalet on West 78th


I was walking on West 77th Street when I saw it, poking through the trees…Something that seemed out of place… I climbed up the steps of a brownstone and got the best view I could. Is this another of the mysterious Manhattan rooftop houses? This glass-covered house isn’t on 77th Street…but it isn’t on 78th Street either. It’s located about ... Read More »

The Dragon House on West 76th Street


I was scouting around the West 70′s over by Riverside Drive when I saw this really, really interesting building ornamented in an incredible dragon motif (map link): It’s literally covered in dragons, starting with these lining the balcony, each with its own shield: These two look like they’re sharing a joke: Then, beautifully nestled in the fauna is this dragon ... Read More »

Lamb Skulls in Times Square


The cool thing about the Lamb’s Theater (currently under renovation) on West 44th Street in Times Square? The row of fairly unnoticeable lamb skulls lining the exterior. Sort of a weird building motif, especially for family-friendly Times Square, no? -SCOUT Read More »

The Aristocrat: The Mystery of the West Village Camper


I swear the camper in this picture has been parking on this street for years. Years. Right around the corner from this block is a Manhattan office building that is routinely rented out by film productions. I’ve worked out of there on numerous movies, and over the course of a job, you end up driving down this street countless times. ... Read More »