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Searching For The Lost Grave of Thomas Ridley


While in Cape Cod, I’ve explored a bunch of ancient graveyards, and am always intrigued by their distinctly Cape-ish history: sea captains, lost-at-sea deaths, the high birth mortality rate (you often find infant graves beside a mother’s, both having died on the same date), etc. In trying to find some info on them, I came across a great website called ... Read More »

The Abandoned Bates Motel of Cape Cod


Truro, Massachusetts, is the first town south of Provincetown (for those of you unfamiliar with Massachusetts geography, Provincetown is located at the very end of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod “arm”). One of the best biking routes through Truro is along Rt. 6A, known as “Old Kings Highway,” or the original main thoroughfare up the Cape. Along this route are numerous cottage-style ... Read More »

An Encounter With Nature


I was biking on one of the great bike paths along Cape Cod when, out of nowhere, a cute brown fox with black legs ran out onto the path ahead of me, literally about 10 feet away. I quickly froze and watched the fox, who didn’t seem to care that I was around. My camera was deep in my bag, ... Read More »

I Should Really Be Driving This Car


I’m speechless… I wish I could say that this is the new “SCOUTING NY” official website car, but it’s not. It was sent to me today by frequent reader Jack, who noticed it in Williamsburg. Who is this impostor, and how could he be so insidious as to steal my monicker for his car doors?? And frankly, is this the ... Read More »

The Strange Main Street USA on Roosevelt Island


Did you ever play with the Fisher Price Little People when you were a kid? Or Lego village sets? Did you ever notice how every store was simply named for its purpose, and there was zero competition? For example, the market was called “Market,” the barber shop was called “Barber Shop,” and the pet store was called “Pet Store”? Apparently, ... Read More »

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To


It’s amazing what you find still working in old houses in New York City. It blows my mind that this gas stove in a Brooklyn home still works after God knows how many years…but it does! Note the two different oven compartments… And the knob array is still in great condition: So freakin’ cool. My parents recently had to get ... Read More »

The Singing Statues at St. John The Divine


In the south-western corner on the St John The Divine property is Synod Hall, a large indoor space available for functions (movies often rent it for catering and extras holding purposes when shooting in the area). I noticed something on my last job there – the statues in the arch above the front doors can sing! More specifically, they seem ... Read More »

Strangeness Afoot in Old Trinity Cemetery


I was scouting the Old Trinity Cemetery when a guy walked up to me and asked if I had seen any chickens. OK, that sounds like the beginning to a joke. Before I delve into my odd story, let me give a quick rundown on one of the most beautiful and interesting outdoor spaces in New York City. Covering four ... Read More »

The Old Kitchen at Sea View Hospital


Sea View Hospital is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever scouted in New York, and I’m writing this post in part to encourage other film productions to keep it in mind for future shoots. Covering 350 acres of woodland on Staten Island and comprising of 50 historic buildings, Seaview was once the leading tuberculosis hospital in the United ... Read More »