Monthly Archives: December 2009

Scouting Disney World


This photo is driving me bonkers – what intersection is this? I’ve lived near madison square park for 4 years and i have never seen this view. Where is this? If this was the intersection of 23rd and b’way where is the plethora of cars? Well, most people realized pretty quickly that my last post was riddled with lies! If ... Read More »

The Scouting NY Tourist Guide To The Big Apple


Dear Scout – Love your site! I’ll be visiting Manhattan for the first time in a few weeks, but I’ll only be in town for a few days. Can you offer any advice on what to see/do in my short time there? Thanks! – A Frequent Reader Every week, I receive a number of emails asking what I’d recommend covering ... Read More »

The Annunciator Box


A few weeks ago, I was working on a shoot in an amazing 100+ year-old mansion in Long Island. In the hallway leading from the dining room into the kitchen, I noticed something on the wall near the butler’s pantry… This glass-covered box: Later, I was in the living room… …And noticed this button on the wall. Of course, I ... Read More »

Local & Interstate Moving & Storage


I was scouting recently in northern Long Island and happened to drive by this old moving/storage company garage… I love the vintage sign, complete with the old telephone interchange – in this case, ORiole refering to OysteR Bay, NY. Confirming the sign’s authenticity, the company’s telephone number still ends in 6-0114 to this day. However, my favorite bit is this ... Read More »

Bad News on the BQE


One of the more tedious aspects of film locations work is writing up directions to set. You have to do them from multiple starting positions, include return directions, give “Commercial route” versions for trucks and make sure the bridge clearances are high enough, only to ultimately have every Hollywood-type call you frantically on the morning of the shoot completely lost ... Read More »

LEGOizing NY


Almost a year ago, I wrote a post about my favorite building in midtown, this chopped-in-half brownstone at 19 W 46th Street. The other day, I got a note that a Lego fan had built a Lego version of the building based on my pictures! Great job! Most of the time, a building this quirky would be the imaginative creation ... Read More »

Stumbling On A Prohibition-Era Bowling Alley Speak-Easy


Note: this is no longer available for filming. I received a very unexpected email last week: We recently purchased a building in Ridgewood, Queens, and while clearing out the basement we discovered a two lane manual bowling alley in very good condition. We did some research and this basement was most probably a club during the prohibition era. Would you ... Read More »