Monthly Archives: September 2010

The Prettiest Cab Stand In New York


I swear I’ve gone by the Yakuel cab stand on 12th Street and the Queensboro Bridge a million times without ever looking inside. Other than the bright new paint job and the nice potted plants, it really doesn’t seem any different from most cab stands in this area of Queens. Except, the plants outside… …are nothing compared to what’s inside: ... Read More »

That Abandoned Rooftop Greenhouse on 60th Street


From the ground, you’d never know there was anything special about the building at 409 East 60th Street… …but, as anyone who’s ever walked across the Queensboro Bridge knows, it has a pretty great rooftop secret… An abandoned rooftop greenhouse! And sadly, it won’t be around for much longer… The now-ruined skeleton covers the entire top of the building… …a ... Read More »

1920′s Atlantic City in Greenpoint, Brooklyn


After watching the premiere of Boardwalk Empire last night, I was really excited to check out the Atlantic City set for myself, which was built in a parking lot in northern Greenpoint. A locations friend who lives in GP pointed me to a vacant lot on Commercial Street and Clay Street, and I hopped on my bike to take a ... Read More »

Those Creepy Fake Mickey Rides…


Is it just me, or does anyone else get creeped out by the bizarre knock-off Mickey rides often found outside bodegas around New York? I have no idea why it’s automatically delightful whenever Disney anthropomorphizes animals, and I know this is the exact same idea…but something just feels off about it. Also, the idea of what that thing would look ... Read More »

True Scouting Tales! – Alex’s Awning


There’s a guy. We’ll call him Alex. Alex owns a store underneath an elevated subway platform in Brooklyn. Alex’s store sells merchandise of a certain ilk: knock-off colognes, cheap luggage, bootleg DVD’s, overpriced 99 cent store items, etc. He’s as sleazy as you can imagine, and is clearly taking advantage of a clientele that doesn’t know any better. As it ... Read More »

Ghosts of a Brooklyn Pencil Factory


Continuing my search for a usable elevator in Greenpoint, my boss had given me a few addresses to check out, and as I approached 61 Greenpoint, I noticed a really great building detail I’ve never seen before… Lining the top floor windows are rows… …of pencils! Why Pencils? 61 Greenpoint was once part of the Faber Pencil Factory, located in ... Read More »