Monthly Archives: November 2010

Pirate Treasure at Dungeon Rock


During the Thanksgiving break this year, I took some time to visit the Lynn Woods in Lynn Massachusetts, a beautiful nature reservation encompassing lakes, swamps, rock formations, a small mountain, endless woodland… …and, according to legend, a pirate treasure that has been buried for centuries. Growing up near Lynn, I’d always heard the stories about pirate treasure buried in the ... Read More »

The Abandoned Palace At 5 Beekman Street


Update 9/11/2013 – Been meaning to update for a while. 5 Beekman is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FILMING, EVENTS, OR ANY OTHER RENTAL PURPOSE due to ongoing construction. 5 Beekman Street has a secret. You’ve probably passed it a million times in your travels through downtown Manhattan. Certainly anyone who has ever visited J&R Row or hit the Starbucks on ... Read More »

Eagles on the BQE


The Brooklyn Queens Expressway, or BQE, is one of New York’s more miserable driving experiences. For some reason, the BQE is endlessly under construction (yet never seems to get any better), is barely wide enough to support its six lanes, and at any time of day, there’s a solid chance you’ll hit bumper to bumper traffic… …which is where I ... Read More »

The Coney Island Bank Building Is Gone Forever – R.I.P.


You know, all this time, I secretly believed the Coney Island Bank building would somehow be saved. Sure, it’d take a miracle, but when I saw this conceptual idea of one way it could be restored, I thought: maybe it’ll all work out in the end. Maybe one of the last few historic Coney Island buildings will not only to ... Read More »

Williamsburg’s Secret Beach


Though it borders the East River, no one really thinks of Williamsburg as a beachside community. But go behind some of the buildings on Kent Ave, climb down this rickety ladder taking care not to kill yourself on the rocks below… …and you’ll find that Williamsburg does indeed have its own beach! Sure, it’s not particularly large… …but it’s got ... Read More »

Exploring An Empty Church In Brooklyn


This is Greenpoint’s beautiful St. Elias Church, located on shady Kent Street. And yes, that’s a FOR RENT sign on the front. Once serving the community as both a church and Sunday school for more than 140 years, St. Elias is now completely empty, and has been since 2007, when the property was purchased by developers. For a while, the ... Read More »

The Smallest Plot of Land In New York City


One of my favorite bits of unusual New York City history is located on the sidewalk in front of West Village’s iconic Village Cigars store. It’s pretty well known, but I’m going to re-tell it because it’s such a great story. Set into the sidewalk is a small triangle (see my sneaker for size comparison), with the mysterious message: “Property ... Read More »