Monthly Archives: December 2010

A New Year’s Mystery


It happened in midtown Manhattan in the early afternoon on New Year’s Eve that a man walked several kilometers from West 32nd Street all the way to West 63rd Street without seeing anyone or being seen by anyone. (pic by Flickr user undeleterious) It was a clear sunny day. He did not use any disguise or unusual method of transportation. ... Read More »

NYC Subway Now Takes You Around The World


On my way out of the city for Christmas, I had to take the Shuttle train to Times Square, and happened to get on one that had been taken over by American Airlines. The exterior was pretty neat, made to look like an American Airlines plane… But what really blew me away was the interior, which was covered in beautiful ... Read More »

Mistletoe Warning


Wishing everyone a merry Christmas weekend, and watch out for that mistletoe – you never know where it’ll pop up! (Seen a couple years ago over the Bedford Ave L train stairwell…) -SCOUT Read More »

Houdini’s Final Vanishing Act in Queens


Cypress Hills Street might as well be called the Graveyard Highway. A wide, four-lane thruway located in Glendale, Queens, it cuts through The Cemetery Belt – a sprawling collection of cemeteries established after the State Rural Cemeteries Act of 1847 forbade the creation of any new cemeteries in Manhattan. I was out there recently to scout graveyards, and made a ... Read More »

Remembering A Plane Crash In Brooklyn


Driving into work this morning, I heard on the news that today marks the 50th anniversary of one of the worst airline disasters in history: the mid-air collision of two planes over Staten Island. Of the 128 passengers and crew members aboard the two flights, all were killed save for a 10 year old boy named Stephen Baltz, who had ... Read More »

Pocket Change – A Plane Crash In Brooklyn


This is 126 Sterling Place in Park Slope. Most likely, you’ve never paid much attention to it… …and if you have, chances are you haven’t noticed the that the bricks on the upper levels don’t match the rest of the building. While it might seem like a trivial detail, this is pretty much the only clue that the area once ... Read More »

Where Will Tom Hanks Get Big?


I’ve been scouting around the Westchester area recently, and every day, I pass the exit on I-95 for Rye Playland, an 82-year old waterfront amusement park. I’ve never been, so on my way home today, I decided to finally check it out – and see where Tom Hanks found the Zoltar machine at the end of Big. Well, good thing ... Read More »

On Top of An Old Elevator


The other day, while scouting a rooftop, my guide took me through an old elevator room and showed me the machinery, which he said mostly dates back to the 1920′s. I’m always amazed when such old technology is still in working use today… But my favorite bit was this panel, which looks almost steampunkish in design: Every time someone presses ... Read More »