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Part II: Scouting An Abandoned Mental Asylum – A Visit To The Rockland Psychiatric Center


This is Part 2 of the Scouting NY tour of Rockland State Psychiatric Hospital, a 600-acre abandoned mental asylum complex in Orangeburg, NY. Be sure to check out Part 1 here! Construction of Rockland State Psychiatric Hospital began in 1927 on a 600-acre plot in rural Orangeburg, NY. Below, the Male Reception Building in its prime… …and today: Very little ... Read More »

The Fight for 35 Cooper Square


Note: It’s gone. You know 35 Cooper Square, right? Sure you do. It’s that cute little building hidden in the shadow of the modern Cooper Square Hotel, a building best described architecturally as having been inspired by Optimus Prime’s phallus. If you had passed it today at around 4:30pm, you’d have seen a group of passionate protesters standing outside with ... Read More »

A Snowstorm In Brooklyn


So New York’s latest snowstorm (that’s five so far!) is in full force. I ran out a few minutes ago to take some pictures for those who aren’t lucky enough to be here to enjoy it. In a string of bad snow storms, I’d say this one’s topping ‘em all…and does this weather forecast seriously have two more days of ... Read More »

A Grave Matter


Part 2 of the Rockland State Psychiatric Hospital tour will be up on Monday, and there’s a lot of cool stuff yet to see, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, had a quick question… I was in a Jewish cemetery recently, and noticed this box in front of one of the graves. Judging by the rocks and ... Read More »

Yonkers Fears Oprah Can’t Be Stopped


I’ve been scouting neighborhoods up in Yonkers recently (made all the more fun by kids off from school on a snow day trying to hit me with snowballs – thanks, kids!). As I was driving around last week, I started to notice something strange… Someone has been going around and writing “You can’t stop Oprah!” on all the stop signs! ... Read More »

The Three Private Graves In Manhattan


If you’re ever up at Riverside Park around Grant’s Tomb, be sure to take a moment and visit a slightly smaller grave nearby. Consisting of a simple urn and pedestal surrounded by a small fence, it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it… But in a way, it’s a pretty important monument: this is one of only three ... Read More »

$500 Match Offer Update!

UPDATE! Since the offer was made on January 14, not only did we hit the $500 mark for the match donation, we’re up to $760 $810 $820 $876 $966.50 $1,100.09 and counting! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed, both today and in the past. It means so much to have such awesome fans, and in return I ... Read More »

Checking In On Scouting NY’s Favorite Rescue Dog…


So how is the abandoned pit bull that everyone helped to rescue doing in her new home? Er, resting comfortably! I just got an email from her new owners, and I’m happy to report that everything is going great! “Penelope” is now a resident of Washington, D.C. When she arrived at her new home, she was timid at first, and ... Read More »

Serious Rule At The Yonkers Public Library


Some libraries have NO SMOKING or NO CELL PHONE signs on the front door. At the Yonkers Public Library? I’m amazed that this is such a problem as to necessitate a laminated sign. I mean, I wasn’t planning on bringing any balloons inside…But it’s sort of a downer to know I couldn’t if I suddenly got the urge. -SCOUT Read More »