Monthly Archives: February 2011

Scouting NY on CBS Sunday Morning!


Hope you enjoyed the segment on CBS News Sunday Morning today! For anyone who missed it, here ya go! Stick around til the end, I make a few appearances… And if you’re just finding Scouting NY for the first time, I’ve put together a list of my favorite posts from over two years of writing. Enjoy! Read More »

The Last Arcade in Chinatown – A Trip To Chinatown Fair


Note: Chinatown Fair closed for good about two weeks after I posted this article. It’s in Chinatown, and it’s best to visit late on a Friday or Saturday night. From Canal Street, head south on Bowery past Chatham Square… …and turn right onto the dimly lit, deserted Mott Street. It’s at #8 Mott, though you’ll know you’re there simply because ... Read More »

Fancy Water Fountains In A NY Public School


I love scouting turn of the century public schools in New York because you find all these neat little details no one would ever think to spend money on today. One bit from a school I scouted recently: all the water fountains had neat tile aches around them… …and in the center, these really fantastic little clay pictures: I found ... Read More »

Friday Puzzler Answered!


There were a lot of great answers for Friday’s locations puzzler. “How did you get a photo of my refrigerator?” asked Clazy8. “Taken at the Bowery…picture of a fungus on a homeless person’s toe,” wrote Robert C. “The Statue of Liberty’s underarm hair? She IS French…” suggested Ann Onimous. And of course, “some zombie graveyard at midnight” from Jeff. The ... Read More »

It’s Just A Migraine


Real quick, I wanted to talk about something that’s totally off topic, but is important to me. Recently, this video of a reporter suffering aphasia, or an inability to speak correctly, went viral. CBS reporter Serene Branson was about to give a live report after the Grammy’s when she found that her words just weren’t coming out right. Check it ... Read More »

Awesome Brooklyn Truck Looks Like A Subway Car


I noticed something really cool while driving home through Greenpoint the other night… Some guy painted his truck to look like a subway car! Not only is the train layout pretty darn accurate… …it’s made even cooler by the awesome 70′s/80′s-style graffiti on its sides! Seriously, how great is this? Both sides of the train are covered in bubble letters… ... Read More »