Monthly Archives: March 2011

Looking Through The Sixth Avenue Peepholes


Last week, I got an email from photographer Thanassi Karageorgiou about a really cool little find on Sixth Avenue at 43rd Street. Grace Plaza, above the School at the International Center of Photography, is currently undergoing renovations. But, if you take a moment to look at the construction wall… Read More »

Weekend Homework: Help Me Find These Locations!!

After way too long, I’m finally getting ready to do a new installment of New York, You’ve Changed, in which I compare shooting locations in an older NY movie to the NYC of today (Ghostbusters, Taxi Driver, Rosemary’s Baby). This is one of my favorite features for the site, but unfortunately, researching the locations, taking the pictures and writing the ... Read More »

More Odd Yonkers Signage…


First No Balloons in the Library, then You Can’t Stop Oprah…And now this: Then again, why not? “Notice: Employees Only,” “Danger High Voltage Keep Out,” and while we’re at it, “Don’t Be So Bad Kids.” Works for me. -SCOUT Read More »

The Creepiest Hospital Grounds in Manhattan (Arkham Asylum in NYC?)


From the 20′s-30′s, First Avenue is better known as Hospital Row. Lined with numerous medical facilities, including Bellevue and NYU Hospital, there are a lot of fascinating buildings to be found… …but my favorite is the old Bellevue Psychiatric Hospital at 30th & 1st: Bellevue Psych is one of those buildings that looks absolutely beautiful when the sun is shining, ... Read More »

A Quick Check-In With Penelope, The Rescued Pit Bull


For anyone new to the site, in January, my friend found a pit bull chained to the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, left to die overnight in a horrendous snowstorm. I posted her story here, and despite the fact that about 1 in 800 rescue pit bulls finds a home, she became a sensation, and I was inundated with offers to ... Read More »

The Mysterious 10-Foot Wide Brownstone on East 37th Street


I swear, I’ve taken the East 37th Street exit from the Midtown Tunnel a zillion times over the years and I’ve never noticed it before… Which, frankly makes sense: look down the rest of 37th Street from 3rd Ave and you’d never know anything is out of the ordinary. But yesterday, stuck in traffic and moving at a snail’s pace, ... Read More »

The Sideways Library


When is a bookcase not a bookcase? When it’s the floor… ..and ceiling and walls to D’Espresso cafe at 317 Madison Ave, famous for having been designed as a library turned sideways! I was a little disappointed when I first went saw it in person that the designer had used images of books instead of the real thing – nothing ... Read More »

New Scouting NY Contest! Where Am I?…


Scouting NY and have teamed up to bring you locations puzzlers with some pretty great prizes! This week’s prize: a $25 gift certificate to the Village’s Red Bamboo restaurant! To enter, just figure out New York City location pictured above and submit your answer to! And even if you’ve never been to the location above, there are enough ... Read More »

Abandoned on the Palisades: The Ruins of Cliffdale Manor

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been scouting the Rockland County area, and every time I drive the Palisades ┬ánorth… …I notice this strange castle-like structure whiz past out my window: Clearly the ruins of something, it kept bugging me each time I drove by until finally, I had to stop and figure out what it was. I found a ... Read More »

And The Winner of the Where Am I Contest Is…

And this winner is… Arun Venkatesan of New York, NY! Congrats, Arun! You should be receiving your $100 gift certificate courtesy to Agave Restaurant in the West Village shortly, courtesy of! The answer was One Broadway, once home to the International Mercantile Marine Company, and one of my favorite buildings in NYC. Today, it’s owned by Citibank, and you ... Read More »