Monthly Archives: April 2011

Gone Fishin’

It’s been four stressful, hectic and bitter cold months, but our film is finally wrapped and I’m heading off today for a much needed vacation. So there’ll be a bit of a hiatus til the next post… …which I can’t resist at least mentioning now! I just had the incredible opportunity of scouting a children’s camp that’s been abandoned for ... Read More »

The Combs in the Blue Fluid

Scouted an upscale country club today. Honestly couldn’t believe they still have that jar of combs… Look, I know these are technically three positives attributes… …but man do they just come off as three more reminders not to use communal combs. Call me stuck up if you will! -SCOUT Read More »

NYC Public School Using Houdini-Style Locks


We were renting a Queens public school gym recently for holding and catering… I was busy studying this apparatus (pull up bar?) and having horrible gym class flashbacks, when I noticed a padlock attached to it… Glad to know the NYC public schools schools are still using locks that look like Houdini should be escaping from them! -SCOUT Read More »

Scouting NY On WFMU Tonight!


Hey everyone - I’ll be on the radio program Seven Second Delay tonight (Wednesday) to talk about location scouting! The show starts at 6pm (I should be on at 6:30pm), and will be broadcast live on WFMU (91.9FM in NY/90.1 in theĀ  Hudson Valley). We’re taping at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre ($5 gets you a seat). More info here, ... Read More »

Please Do Not Urinate On The Smallest Street In Manhattan


Weehawken Street, located as far west in the Village as you can go, bears the title of Manhattan’s smallest street. I can only assume it also holds one other record… Having the most signs asking people not to pee on it: Literally, there are four signs hung on the block all requesting the same courtesy… Some in better shape than ... Read More »

New York City Firehouse Actually Has A Pet Dalmatian!


I was driving down Houston the other day when a firetruck raced by, sirens blazing… Nothing unusual about that. But, just as it turned onto Broadway, something caught my eye: was that a dalmatian hanging its head out the window??? Seriously?? I’ve always assumed the firehouse dalmatian was the sort of thing you only find in Norman Rockwell paintings and ... Read More »

Attention Florida Dog Lovers!

Speaking of dogs, a good friend of mine in Florida works with a dog rescue group, and recently wrote to see if I could help with a few dogs that are in desperate need of a new home. I know this is a NY blog, but we’ve got readers all over the place, and after our wild success finding owners ... Read More »

How To Book A Room At The McKittrick Hotel

It was about the time when a nurse grabbed my hand, pulled me from the crowd into a private room, locked the door, and put a necklace on me saying “this will protect you from danger,” that I realized Sleep No More is one of the most unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had in New York City. Sleep No More is ... Read More »