Monthly Archives: July 2011

The American Gardens Building (AND Dorsia – What a Day!)

Just got done scouting the American Gardens building on West 81st Street and CANNOT WAIT to post pictures. Unfortunately, don’t have time now, as I finally got a lunch reservation at Dorsia (tip: just keep calling). Full post Monday! -SCOUT PS – Really surprised they haven’t gotten rid of the stains on the 11th floor carpet. But very cool to ... Read More »

A 19th Century Candy Store Hidden Near Wall Street


Last week, I wrote about a World War I fighter plane on the roof of 77 Water Street. As it turns out, that’s just one of many surprises to be found around the building! As I was waiting for my appointment to check out the plane, I took a few pictures outside the building from the street… …then headed across ... Read More »

Why Neil Patrick Harris Is The Coolest Guy Ever (Reason #3,874)

If you don’t like reading, just scroll down and watch the video. But I promise, it’ll be better if you know the story. May 2010. My girlfriend’s 30th birthday is coming up on a Saturday. We make plans to spend the whole day together, and everything is set… And then, our shooting schedule changes, and I get word that I’ll ... Read More »

How To Land A Plane On A New York City Skyscraper


For over 40 years, a mysterious World War I fighter plane perched on the roof at 77 Water Street  has been fascinating Wall Street denizens and Google Map explorers alike. Yet despite having been mentioned in numerous articles about unusual New York oddities, to my knowledge, not a single person has ever actually been on the roof to see the ... Read More »

Forget It, Gweilo – It’s Chinatown


Next time you’re passing through Chinatown, take a look at some of the business signs on buildings and you’ll notice that most have a phone number posted, many with two or even three. Not that unusual in New York, and I never gave it a second thought until a few years ago, when I was working on a film shooting ... Read More »