Monthly Archives: December 2011

Reader Emails About The Little Abandoned Terra-Cotta Building!


I was thrilled that so many of you love the little building under the 59th Street bridge as much as I do. I received a bunch of emails about the old Terra-Cotta Works, including one from someone whose great great grandfather worked there from around 1910 to 1920 and took of the building when it was in operation – perhaps ... Read More »

Plagiarism is the Sincerest Form of Flattery: Thanks, Daily News!

Dear Daily News, Several alert readers have pointed out that today’s newspaper has an article entitled “Tree grows through office at Cove Auto Towing in Queens” by Barry Paddock – just days after I published my own piece about a tree growing through an office at Cove Auto Towing in Queens! No mention of Scouting NY or anything, but I’m ... Read More »

The Best Fast Food Burger In NYC – Petey’s Burger!


One of the few job perks of being a location scout: the studio gives us $10 for lunch. Woo! The Scout Lunch is a look at some of my favorite restaurants in New York to spend that $10 at. Those in the know call it the In’N’Out of Queens. That alone should merit a trip to Astoria to what I ... Read More »

Puzzler Answer! Where Is This Photogenic NY Lake?


Director: I need an upstate New York lake. Foliage. Picturesque, secluded, quiet, and NO city buildings on the horizon. Producer: Scouts! Time to mobilize! But remember – you have to find the lake in the five boroughs or the unions will break my legs. Panicked Newbie Scout: Where are we going to find anything like that in the five boroughs?? ... Read More »

Locations Puzzler: Where Was This Photo Taken?

A beautiful autumn day on a secluded New York lake. Endless blue sky stretches out over its perfectly mirrored surface. No sounds to be heard other than the rustle of leaves.  OK, enough of that. Where was this photo taken?? Give it your best guess in the comments – a general region or area (Catskills, Westchester, etc.) accepted! Answer Friday… ... Read More »