Monthly Archives: December 2012

Finding “The Shining” in New York City


Last week, I was scouting an empty townhouse on the Upper East Side. I turned into a room on the second floor – and stopped cold. Holy crap – Had I somehow been transported into the Overlook Hotel from The Shining?? Other than the color difference, the geometric pattern is a dead match. The townhouse dates to the 1920s, and ... Read More »

Is Scouting NY As Enjoyable As A Toilet Brush? A Helpful Guide

Yesterday, I received this e-mail from a reader: An interesting question. Really, how to put a value on content you’re used to getting for free? After much thought, I realized the only solution is to compare the enjoyment you get from Scouting NY to products you buy without much thought. In other words, if you get as much enjoyment out ... Read More »

Can You Help Scout Make A Movie?

On November 8, Scouting NY celebrated its fourth birthday – Hooray!! To date, that’s over 550 posts and nearly 10,000 pictures highlighting the beautiful, strange, and overlooked places I come across in my travels as a movie location scout in New York City. So here is my once-a-year movie fund-raising request to you, the constant reader: If you’re a fan ... Read More »