Monthly Archives: June 2013

Where New York City Begins

One of my favorite ways to drive into New York is via Jerome Avenue in the Bronx. As you head south from Yonkers, both sides of the road are overgrown with beautiful green foliage. To the west is Van Cordlant Park… Read More »

Live Q&A on Gizmodo

Hey everyone – At 10:30 am today, I’ll be doing a live Q&A session on Gizmodo! Feel free to ask anything you’ve wondered about New York City filmmaking, location scouting, etc, etc, etc. Gizmodo: Ask A New York City Location Scout Anything You Want -SCOUT Read More »

Speaking of New York…

Looking for an interesting speaker with encyclopedic knowledge of New York City and the movies to give a unique photo-rich presentation at your next event? You’ve found him! Since 2008, professional movie location scout Nick Carr has been taking readers on a tour of New York’s most beautiful, historic, and downright strange places through his website, Scouting NY. And, with ... Read More »

The Ruins of Old Union Square

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking pictures in Union Square for my article on The Warriors filming locations, when I happened to pass by these six crumbling columns on the mezzanine level near the 4-5-6 train. Now, I’ve walked by these things a zillion times in my travels across New York City, but it suddenly occurred to me ... Read More »