Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Strangest Neighborhood In New York City

Last week, I was driving around in a southeastern area of the Bronx… …when the road I was following came to an abrupt end, with a series of signs forcing me to turn right. I turned… …and all of a sudden, it was like I was in a completely different world. Read More »

An Abandoned Stone Mansion Hiding In The Bronx

I’ve been doing a lot of scouting in the Highbridge Section of the Bronx, a neighborhood largely composed of large brick apartment buildings. The other day, I was driving down Woodycrest Avenue when something unusual caught my eye at the corner of West 167th Street… What the heck was that stone building tucked in behind the one-story shops?? Read More »

How To Visit All 7 Continents On The Island Of Manhattan

Where did Scouting NY go on vacation? The American Museum of Natural History, of course! Of all New York’s museums, the AMNH is my absolute favorite – nothing fires both my brain and my heart more than staring at their wonderful dioramas (fun fact: the AMNH has one of the longest hallways in New York, stretching from Columbus Ave to ... Read More »

Contest! Where Did Scout Go On Vacation?

I have a confession to make: about a year ago, I was ready to leave New York. For some reason, all the negatives of city living had really gotten to me: the high rent, the go-go-go mentality, the lack of space, the traffic, the noise… Luckily, my fiancee talked me off the ledge, and instead suggested we make a goal ... Read More »

The 1930s Bus Station Hidden In A Times Square Hotel

The other day, I received an email asking if a bus station, dating to the 1930s, still existed at the Hotel Carter. A hidden bus station from the 1930s? In Times Square?? I’d never heard of this before (in fact, I only knew of the Hotel Carter as one of the dirtiest hotels in America) but I had to investigate. ... Read More »