How To Rent 5 Beekman For Film Shoots & Events

Update 9/11/2013 – Been meaning to update for a while. 5 Beekman is NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR FILMING, EVENTS, OR ANY OTHER RENTAL PURPOSE due to ongoing construction.

Interested in renting 5 Beekman for your next film production, photo shoot, or event? Just send me an e-mail at and I’ll put you in touch with building management.

Be sure to include a description of your project, what dates you’re looking for, and MOST IMPORTANTLY (!!!), your budget (unfortunately, the building does not accept low/no budget productions).





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  1. I have been reading your blog for a little over two years – and I have to say, that I look forward to each and every post

    Keep up the good work Nick!


  2. Saw this on White Collar this summer and told my wife that I’ve seen this building on a blog! It was exciting. In the 90’s I worked as a supervisor for security on the Universal/NBC movie lot. I can easily point out NY St, Western, etc that are used on a lot of tv shows.

  3. I don’t have anything to film or shoot, but would LOVE to see the inside of this building. Anyone have suggestions?

  4. This site is so interesting architecturally that is has the potential for being New York’s answer to the famed movie location, the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles.

  5. Your story seems to have done more than just get move locations. Believe it was the NY Times had a story that one of the local mega hotel owners s looking at that property rather than the Chelsea hotel for a new location

  6. Great location for sure, but be careful if you’re using the elevators. I worked on a video shot in this building a little over a year ago, and two members of our crew got stuck in one of the elevators (somewhere between the eighth and ninth floors) for about two hours. Our contact from the building simply shut off his phone, and multiple calls to the fire department yielded no assistance. When it started to get dark, we became desperate, and eventually managed to pry the doors open, get on the roof of the elevator, and lift them out ourselves. Everything turned out okay, but not without a good deal of work from several ingenuitive crew members (way to go art department!) and a fair amount of risk. It’s definitely worth taking the stairs.

  7. Do not rent Beekman. I tried booking there, Hillel sent me a confirmation and I thought we we’re all set. Then just a few days before the shoot he rented the space out from under me to another client. Beekman is a production disaster.

  8. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for the lead and opportunity to get on a prearranged 2hour photoshoot. Awesome! Thanks so much.
    Hillel was very nice!

  9. To quote Mister Gautier, “this site is so interesting architecturally that is has the potential for being New York’s answer to the famed movie location, the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles”. Let’s remember that the Bradbury respectfully allowed a great amount of movies from several different genre without distinction. All for the pleasure of helping directors, producers, movie makers and artists of all kind. The property is run by a brilliant marketing management that has vision and strategy and have turned the place into a cinematic myth. Unfortunately for Beekman, it may never be like this. The building was bought by GFI capital a few weeks ago, and the person in charge of their asset (and in charge of Beekman) is an “asset manager named [removed at poster’s request] from GFI capital”. It’s not good for GFI’s image but the man has a very limited vision and apparently a very poor judgment of people, art, architecture and life in general. It is going to be hard for creative people to get in as he has a very strong opinion of what “may or may not compromises” the “luxurious” image of the building where it is actually quite the opposite. My opinion is that people are now going to be dealing with a passive-aggressive moron and based on my experience, disrespectful human being that has no vision for marketing or communication. Unless you are planning on a self-indulged photo-shoot for your wedding, best to not waste your time.

    It’s sad but it is what it is. This is my experience. And I want to make sure everyone knows about it.

    • I actually would like to repost the comment without the guy’s name. is that possible?

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