A (Bath)Room With A View

It probably goes without saying that this is quite the view to have while taking a bath (or sitting on the toilet):

Bathroom View 00

Bathroom View 02

My bathroom has a view of a brick wall.


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  1. Wonderful! What building is this view from?

  2. I second that, where is this building?! Such a gorgeous view

  3. Gorgeous. I think I might stay in there all day. The reality is that whoever lives there probably doesn’t even notice it anymore.
    I don’t live in the city, but neither of my bathrooms have windows. One has a skylight though.

  4. I have the opposite view from the Brooklyn/Dumbo side on the 29th floor in JCondo.

  5. Is this a view from the Muni bulding? This looks just like what I used to see from the handicapped stall in the ladies room on the 17th floor when I worked there.

  6. it would be nicer if the bathtub was higher.. that way you would really be enjoying the view when you’re sitting in the tub..

  7. With a view like that who needs to read a book while on the throne.

  8. Thats amazing, i would love to live there.

  9. The men’s room at the Rainbow Room is up a narrow flight of stairs – standing at the urinals you have an incredible unimpeded view of Central Park. Fortunately the opposite isn’t also true…

  10. The bath Room in the crysler bldg has a better view