And The Winner of the Where Am I Contest Is…


And this winner is…

Arun Venkatesan of New York, NY!

Congrats, Arun! You should be receiving your $100 gift certificate courtesy to Agave Restaurant in the West Village shortly, courtesy of!

The answer was One Broadway, once home to the International Mercantile Marine Company, and one of my favorite buildings in NYC. Today, it’s owned by Citibank, and you can take your pick of either the First Class or Cabin Class entrance when depositing your money!

One Broadway 04

For more information, be sure to check out my post on One Broadway here. My favorite detail on the building? The dozens of beautiful mosaics depicting various ports across the world:

One Broadway 07

I also accepted 15 Battery Park Place as an answer, as well as specific descriptions of the building’s location. However, 25 Broadway – which a LOT of people submitted – is incorrect! Once home to the Cunnard Line, 25 Broadway is a fantastic building in itself…but you’re only going to find your Cabin Class entrance at 1 Broadway!


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  1. Fun contest. Thanks Scout!

  2. I was so close, actually made a walk through the financial district looking for it but I didn’t go to the tip of Broadway. Stopped by Trinity Church to light a candle for a friend’s mom who passed away (((RIP Melba Toast))) Walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and came back across the Manhatten before heading back to Alphabet City. The bridges were just to get some open space in my system… My feet hated me before it was all over. I really want one of those Family Circus “Billyesque” dotted line on where I wondered
    (particularly through Wall St) looking for that doorway. Should have just pulled up the image and asked some people on the street – hindsight 20/20.

  3. Very cool. I hope you do more of these

  4. Well done Arun! Thanks for a fun contest Scout!

  5. Well, Citi Smith Barney lists the address as 17 Battery Place. There are many instances when I have felt that Citibank didn’t know where they are at.

  6. Fun contest, but that “Cabin Class” entrance is not on Broadway. It’s around the corner on Battery Place.

  7. Scout, ya got me buddy.