Antique Dining Room Table/Desk For Sale

Hey everyone –

My wife and I are in the midst of a big apartment move, and it’s looking like we’re going to have to say goodbye to our beloved old (antique?) dining room table. We’re going to put it on Craigslist, and I’m wondering if anyone out there can give us an idea of what it’s worth in the comments (or, if you’re interested in taking it yourself, just make me an offer at


I don’t know when it was made, but it’s a very sturdy wooden table measuring 6’5″ long x 3’6″ wide x 2’6″ tall.


…and comes with two leaves that add 10″ each to the table length.


The table has its share of dings and scratches and scuffs and chips from God knows how many decades of use, but it looks perfectly fine the way it is – and with a bit of elbow grease, could be as good as new.


Did I mention this thing is sturdy? Its age has done nothing to its very solid build (which puts it in stark contrast to just about all of the Ikea products we own).


Finally, the table also comes with four chairs, all equally as sturdy, with a similar level of wear and tear.


If anyone has any idea of what we should be asking for the table/chairs on Craigslist, I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments. And again, if you’re interested, just make me an offer at

While I’m at it, we also have an old desk we’re getting rid of. It measures 3’4″ x 1’10” at 2’7″ high. Similarly old, well-built. The desktop is deteriorating somewhat but has a pretty great patina. If interested, make me an offer!











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  1. Love the desk! But I think you’re too far away from me for us to get it.

  2. I really think you should have an antiques dealer appraise those pieces. I’d start at about 500$ for the table and maybe 75 for each chair….The desk is lovely, so maybe $350. That’s just my opinion as a collector.

  3. nice pieces. I think you can sell them easily on Craigs list. I sell and buy stuff all the time. Craigslist is great. Good luck with the move.

  4. By any chance did you buy that desk in Red Hook about 8 years ago? I had one just like it that I bought at an antique shop in Connecticut and sold on Craigslist when we moved to Denmark. Lovely desk and very funny to see it in your post as we’re also considering a major dwelling change and may be selling off a lot of things again.

  5. What character each piece of furniture has. Should I have the space I would buy the lot. Good luck!

  6. Hi Nick, the table and chairs are not antique. They are 1960’s-70’s pine Colonial Revival. Not worth very much despite their sturdiness and charm (probably $100-200 for the set). The desk, however, was probably made between 1880-1910 and might be worth a few hundred dollars. Good luck with your move!

    • Pete hit the nail on the head. Mid 60s Colonial Revival……

    • You are right about the chairs, but the table is 1920’s and I would peg it at around $300-350. The table and chairs are not a matching set. My 2 cents