Are Scouting NY Readers From NY?

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the 1,378 readers who have pushed my film fund past the $30,000 goal. Because of your help, I’m that much closer to achieving my dream of becoming a director, and I’m incredibly grateful for every donation received.

When I started Scouting NY over five years ago, I thought it would mainly appeal to a local New York City audience. It was only after I began my film fund drive that I realized readers were actually coming from all over the world. I started putting pins on a Google map by donation zip code, and I thought it’d be fun to share (no actual addresses marked, of course! one pin per zip code, even if many donations were made from one area).

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Quick rundown: In the United States, Scouting NY has received donations from 45 states, including Hawaii and Alaska! There are just five states unaccounted for (Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Maine), but there are apparently several readers in the US territory of Guam. (Update: special thanks to Nathan for putting Iowa on the map!).

Our neighbor to the north Canada is well-represented, with at least one Scouting NY reader living in the Yukon. South of the US, we have readers in Mexico, Brazil and Uruguay.

Hopping over the pond, European readers hail from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland, England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, and Malta.

Moving further east, there was a single donation made in Russia from a city called Ulyanovsk, which I now have no choice but to visit at some point in my life (look for sister site Scouting Ulyanovsk, coming soon!). There are also readers in Israel, South Africa, China, and South Korea. (Update: add Moscow to the list!).

Finally, a number of donations were made from Australia and New Zealand.

Northernmost donation: Jyväskylä, Finland. Southernmost: Sandy Bay, Tasmania.

Thank you again to all who have donated!


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  1. As a New Yorker, I feel so ordinary. But congrats on making your goal, Nick!

  2. Waves from Perth, Western Australia.

    You know, a map insert of where the place is in New York in your scouting entries would go a long way… I really have no idea where most of the places you scout are in NY…


  3. As a native Iowan who spent a couple years living in Brooklyn, I’m pleased (and somewhat surprised/dismayed/ashamed), to be the first Iowan to contribute to a website that I thoroughly enjoy!

  4. Well deserved! This is a great site. <3

  5. I am from NC, don’t have any ties to NY other than a college trip during Thanksgiving but I stumbled on your site when Googling the McDonald’s mansion. I always wondered how they decided on a set location, especially since they are choosing more and more NC sites for major films. Becoming a fan of all the pictures, random spots, and hidden beauties that you find! Great job!

  6. I’m from North Carolina. I’ve never been to NYC, but love the character of the old cities. Hope to visit one day. Great site and good luck with your production. ☺

  7. I donated when I lived in Hoboken. Now I’m across the country. I still expect a cameo in the film!

  8. Born & raised New Yorker here! Love your blog!!

  9. born and bred torontonian here. your blog is too good!

  10. Happy to have donated multiple times! Have the sticker, bumper sticker and pin to show for it!

  11. One fewer state unaccounted for! A loyal West Virginia reader over here! Been following your blog for several years now. Thanks for sharing all this history!

  12. Iowa checking in here! Davenport, IA to be exact. Have visited NY two times since discovering your blog and thoroughly enjoy it!

  13. WHAT??? No International Space Station readers?

    Maybe starting Scouting Milky Way might bring them on board :+)

  14. Sadly, I am unable to donate but I will stand for the Great State of Maine.

  15. Native of the great Pacific Northwest here. Congrats on meeting your goal!

    Ulyanovsk? Birthplace of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, better known as Lenin.

  16. I am in Nova Scotia, Canada and love these posts. I love NYC & am a big Giants fan. 🙂

  17. I am from Kelowna, British Columbia. Found you site through Love the post and learning about the history of NY through a Scout’s perspective. Keep up the excellent work!

  18. so awesome to see my one little dot from Anchorage Alaska!

    I’ll be moving back home in the next three years (Orange County)

    Scouting New York keeps me going and keeps me excited to move home 🙂

    Thanks for all that you do Nick!

  19. Hey! I didn’t donate but just want to let you know that there is at least one more reader from Russia, from Saint Petersburg. Would love you to come any time. And i also consider creating Scouting Saint Petersburg, I love this city and it has so many unique places, which is common in it with NY.

    Love your job, thanks, Nick!