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Searching for the perfect filming location? Click here!

For all inquiries, please contact me directly at For the past decade, I’ve worked as a professional movie location scout in New York City and have literally thousands of ready-to-go rental-friendly locations on file, from office spaces and penthouses to castles and abandoned warehouses. How it works: I charge a day rate for my services. This fee includes: sending ... Read More »

Ladder 20’s Firehouse Dalmatian Has Passed On

Four years ago, I wrote a post about a fire truck that happened to pass me on Houston. A normal occurrence, except for one odd detail: this one had a dalmatian hanging out the window. I couldn’t believe it – I’d always assumed the firehouse dalmatian to be the sort of thing confined to Norman Rockwell paintings, but here it ... Read More »

Why Scouting NY Is Coming To An End

Dear Scouting NY reader, About a decade ago, I was hired to work on my first movie. Yep, that’s me on set in my very first job in locations, and though I look quite elated to be wearing that ridiculous hardhat, I was actually feeling extremely scared when this picture was taken, for one simple reason: I had absolutely no ... Read More »

Five Amazing Locations That Prove Why Staten Island Is New York’s Most Versatile Borough For Filming

There’s a saying when it comes to location scouting in New York City: if you can’t find it anywhere, try Staten Island. While Staten Island often fights for recognition amongst the boroughs that don’t require a ferry for access, it nonetheless features some of the most interesting and unique filming locations anywhere in the city. Below, five choice locales to ... Read More »

Dark Americana: An Introduction To The Work of Artist Andrew Carr

This week, I’m taking a break from the usual Scouting NY fare to introduce you to an extremely talented and as-yet unrecognized artist named Andrew Carr (who also happens to be my brother). An artist in formal training since early childhood, Andrew has spent the last decade building up his portfolio, producing literally thousands of pieces while also working on ... Read More »

A 19th Century Stable Hidden in the Heart of Midtown Manhattan

Some time ago, I was walking down West 55th Street in midtown when I happened to notice a peculiar building near Seventh Avenue… This three-story structure, nestled in between the towering brick pre-war apartments that line the block. There was almost an abandoned feel to it, with flaking paint giving way to the brick underneath… On the second floor, a ... Read More »

One More Thing To Do This Summer: Tour The Incredible Valencia Movie Palace Next Saturday!!

Just received word you have one last chance this summer to tour the unbelievable Valencia movie palace! The Tabernacle of Prayer church will be offering a tour NEXT SATURDAY, August 22 at 11am! Tours are by appointment only! Contact Sister Forbes via email at to sign up. The tour is free, but if you’re planning on going, please please ... Read More »