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The Predator on East 7th Street

A while ago, I was walking down East 7th Street in the East Village when I suddenly got the feeling I was being watched. I glanced over… …and realized it was Predator. Now, running into Predator on a New York City street isn’t that strange in and of itself. But this Predator is special for one reason in particular… It’s ... Read More »

Are Scouting NY Readers From NY?

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to the 1,378 readers who have pushed my film fund past the $30,000 goal. Because of your help, I’m that much closer to achieving my dream of becoming a director, and I’m incredibly grateful for every donation received. When I started Scouting NY over five years ago, I thought it would mainly ... Read More »

Exploring the Secrets of the Astral Apartments

A year ago, I heard that plans were in the works to remake Rosemary’s Baby, and my reaction was exactly what you’re thinking now: NO. The film is a masterpiece, and to remake it would be nothing short of cinematic blasphemy. In the days that followed, however, I found myself mulling over the central question: what would a Rosemary’s Baby ... Read More »

The Incredible Secret of the Pool at the Hotel St. George

On Monday, I wrote an article about the Hotel St. George’s former pool and my attempts to find any hidden remnants that managed to survive. As it turns out, I missed the biggest secret of all… It might still be there. After I posted the original article, I received an email from a man who worked as an expediter during ... Read More »

Searching for the Lost Pool at the Hotel St. George

A few months ago, I was researching Brooklyn’s Hotel St. George for my article on The Godfather’s shooting locations… …and found myself fascinated by its former indoor pool, now long gone: Once the largest hotel in the United States and occupying an entire city block of interconnected buildings in Brooklyn Heights, the 30-story Hotel St. George played host to everyone ... Read More »

The 5 Locations Low-Budget Films Should Avoid In New York

Every week, I receive numerous requests from no/low budget filmmakers in search of New York City locations for cheap. Some I can help with; most, I simply don’t know where to begin. While it’s certainly possible to make low-budget films in New York, it often requires a personal connection to secure those more difficult locations for an affordable price (friends ... Read More »

Scouting Long Island’s Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant

Driving on Route-25a through East Shoreham, you’d never guess there was anything unusual about the gated road heading off toward the coast. But go down a ways… …and suddenly, it’ll appear through the trees… Long Island’s only nuclear power plant, closed and shuttered since it was decommissioned in 1994. Today, it sits completely empty, a relic of 1970s design permanently ... Read More »

In Memory of Egon Spengler

As a child, Egon Spengler was my hero. It’s funny to think that in a decade populated by such brawny cartoon characters as the steroided-out He-Man gang, the all-powerful Transformers, and the bicep-flexing GI Joe’s, a skinny, awkward, glasses-wearing scientist could somehow stand out from the crowd. But Egon was my favorite. I wore out about ten different action figures, ... Read More »

The Weirdest Building In Midtown

Last week, I was trudging through a very slushy midtown when I happened to turn onto 47th Street… …and walk past what has to be one of the strangest buildings in Manhattan: A six-story office building, the facade of 15 East 47th Street is completely obscured by a wall of brass-colored rings: Here’s a close-up. You can just see the ... Read More »