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Locations Puzzler: Where Was This Photo Taken?

A beautiful autumn day on a secluded New York lake. Endless blue sky stretches out over its perfectly mirrored surface. No sounds to be heard other than the rustle of leaves.  OK, enough of that. Where was this photo taken?? Give it your best guess in the comments – a general region or area (Catskills, Westchester, etc.) accepted! Answer Friday… ... Read More »

A Quick Thank You From Scouting NY!

Since last Monday, Scouting NY received over 100 reader donations totaling more than $1,700!! We’re about $4,700 from the 2012 goal of $5,000 – feel free to contribute any time by clicking the link in the sidebar! Thank you to all who donated! Happy Thanksgiving! New posts starting Monday… -SCOUT Read More »

Scouting NY At Union Docs This Sunday!

Hey everyone – I’ll be appearing at a UnionDocs speaking event in Williamsburg this Sunday, for anyone who’d like to join. The subject is on street historians, and also appearing will be Kevin Walsh of the unparalleled, Moses Gates of All City New York, and Cindy VandenBosch of UrbanOyster. More info here! In a city as vast as New ... Read More »

Is Scouting NY As Enjoyable As A Pack of Highlighters? A Handy Guide!

This evening, I received an inquisitive e-mail from an anonymous  reader with regard to my 3rd Annual Scouting NY fund-raising drive: Hmmm. An interesting question. How to put a value on content you’re used to getting for free? I’ve thought long and hard about it, and I think the only way is to compare the enjoyment you get from Scouting ... Read More »

Please Donate To Scouting NY!

Last Tuesday, Scouting NY celebrated its third birthday – hooray! In the past year alone, that’s over 125 new articles with more than 1,300 pictures. So here is my once-a-year fund-raising drive request to you, my readers: If you’re a fan of Scouting NY, would you please please consider making a donation to my film fund? I love doing Scouting NY, ... Read More »

The Most Amazing Room In Queens

Last week, I went the New York Hall of Science in Queens to take some scout pictures, my first time visiting. The Hall of Science was originally built for the 1964 World’s Fair, and while it’s gone through many renovations over the years, this oddly-shaped cement portion speckled with black dots clearly dates back to its heyday. Honestly, it’s not ... Read More »

The Compleat Guide To New York City Horror Movies

Frankenstorm threatening to ruin your Halloween this year? No problem! Why not stay in, pop some corn, turn off the lights, and settle in with a horror movie shot in New York City? I’ve been writing and revising this list for the past two three four (!) years, and I think it’s nearing completion. If I’ve forgotten any, please let ... Read More »

The Spooky Side of New York City…

Every October, I try to do posts in honor of Halloween, one of the best holidays to celebrate in New York. I hope you enjoyed this year’s crop – below, some of my favorites from past years. And hey, picked out a costume yet? Halloween is less than a week away! See you at the parade… Read More »