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The Angels by the Brooklyn Bridge

One of my favorite things to stumble across are bits of architectural ornamentation that are nearly invisible from the street. Case in point: 150 Nassau, near the Brooklyn Bridge. Looking up from the ground, this is the view. You can tell there’s a bit of detailing at the top, but it’s too difficult to really make anything out in particular, ... Read More »

Why You Should Never, Ever Go To New York City’s Hudson University

When you first enter Hudson University’s idyllic campus, you’d never know you’re in one of the deadliest and most dangerous places in New York City. You might instead find yourself admiring the gorgeous architecture, which oddly seems to change style at every turn… …from the red brick Romanesque Revival-style administration building… …to the Gothic Revival dining hall… …to the very ... Read More »

Scars In Limestone: Finding Traces of the 1920 Wall Street Bombing

As I was scouting around Wall Street this past weekend, I noticed a number of tourists taking pictures of the usual sights: the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall… However, no one seemed to be paying any attention to one of the more interesting historical remnants, found at 23 Wall Street. Swing around to the north side of the building ... Read More »

Can You Identify These Mystery New York City Locations?

Hey folks – For a week now, I’ve been working on my latest then-and-now movie locations installment, and this handful of shots has me baffled. I’m hoping someone out there might be able to help identify them. Free Scouting NY magnet to whoever figures out each one first! 1) IRT Subway Entrance – Solved! 1-2-3 commuters! Being an IRT with ... Read More »

There’s A Private Island Home Off The Coast of New York City

A few months ago, I had to charter a boat to take scout pictures of Davids Island, located in Long Island Sound off the coast of New Rochelle. As we were curving around the southern side of the island, I noticed something in the distance… A squat, one-story structure on its own private island. . Though it seemed dilapidated and ... Read More »

The Top 25 Bad Smells That Remind You You’re In New York City

This past December, as I was driving over the Triboro Bridge toward Brooklyn, I was suddenly hit with that old familiar Triboro fragrance, best described as “week-old beef with broccoli.” To me, catching that whiff just after going through the tolls is usually the first olfactory sign I’ve arrived in New York City. I posted this observation on Facebook/Twitter, and ... Read More »

New York City’s Prettiest Subway Station Is In The Bronx

One of the things I love most about New York City’s prettiest subway station is the way it unexpectedly appears out of nowhere. As you’re heading east along 180th Street toward Morris Park Ave in the Bronx, look north… …and all of a sudden, you’ll see a red terra cotta-roofed tower rise into view just above a rock ledge. Continue ... Read More »

There’s A 200-Year-Old Haunted Well In This Soho Clothing Store

Last month, COS (H&M’s sister brand) opened a store at 129 Spring Street in Soho, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of either Swedish minimalist fashions OR allegedly haunted 18th century wells. If you fall into the latter category, head into the store’s first floor and hang a left… Proceed down the stairs to the men’s ... Read More »

Is This The Most Beautiful Elevator In New York?

A few days ago, I was in the lobby of a Manhattan apartment building waiting to speak with the doorman when I happened to notice an old elevator in the corner. I stuck my head in to take a look… This is hands-down the most beautiful elevator I’ve ever come across in NYC. From the ornamentation to the green leather ... Read More »