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Scouting The Ruins of Jay Gould’s Indoor Pool

Whenever I go up to scout Lyndhurst Castle, railroad tycoon Jay Gould’s former estate on the Hudson River… …I’ve always wondered about the gated, semi-abandoned-looking property you pass on the way out. A bit of background: first built in 1838 for New York City mayor William Paulding, Jr., the estate was later purchased for use as a summer home by ... Read More »

The NYC Filming Locations of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The Good One)

Before you cast a disparaging eye on the movie I’ve chosen for this week’s then-and-now look, I’d like to tell you three things about the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that you probably don’t know. 1) The movie was edited by Sally Menke. Don’t recognize her name? Menke has edited every single film by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino has described ... Read More »

Can You Help Scout Find This Chinatown Brothel?

So I know this an unusual request, but I’m wondering if anyone can help me track down a Chinatown brothel. Er, let me explain. Way back in 2004, I’d just graduated from college and was scouring Craiglist for apartments when I came across a cheap room for rent in Chinatown – just $700 or so in what was described as ... Read More »

Is This The Weirdest Car In New York City?

OK, so that time machine I spotted in the Bronx was definitely one of the weirdest cars I’ve ever come across, and that Mad Max limo was pretty unusual too. But this one might have them both beat. I spotted this, er, customized Hyundai one evening last week on the Upper West Side… Literally, every inch of the thing is ... Read More »

Scouting NY Is Finally On Instagram!

At long last, Scouting NY is finally on Instagram! I often put up pictures of the random interesting/pretty/funny/bizarre things I come across while scouting on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr…Finally breaking down and adding Instagram to the list. Join us, won’t you? And don’t worry, no 70s filters, I swear. -SCOUT Read More »

How To Erase A 75-Year-Old Drug Store From Existence

Got some bad news. Last year I wrote about Mishkin’s, a classic New York City drug store at 145th Street and Amsterdam. Not only does Mishkin’s have one the all-time greatest neon signs in the city… Stepping inside was literally like taking a trip to the 1940s… …with wood-paneled walls and shelves… …ancient drawers behind the counter… …ladders to get ... Read More »

A Mental Asylum Cemetery Hidden In The Woods

On Call Hollow Road, in the Pomona/Stony Point area about 25 miles north of the city, there is a trail that leads off into the woods. Follow the trail in, and you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded on all sides by towering trees. A few minutes up the trail, just after you cross over a small brook, the trees will suddenly ... Read More »