Being Watched

I was recently up scouting the College of Mount St. Vincent, which has a gorgeous campus overlooking the Hudson River. Mount St. Vincent often appears during daylight hours as an archetypal college in movies and TV shows (the movie Doubt in particular). But personally, I love visiting at night. Seriously – how can you beat this?


There’s definitely a wonderfully eerie vibe as you walk alone past the high-peaked buildings, trees rustling as a cold breeze blows in off the Hudson. But as I rounded a corner, I began to get the distinct feeling I was being watched.


I looked up…


…and indeed…


Someone was staring down. Not moving…just staring:


As the seconds ticked, I had a serious Psycho-moment – was that mother in the window??


Then I realized it literally wasn’t moving at all, and was probably just a mannequin, or maybe an art student’s statue. Regardless, highest praise to whoever propped it there, intentionally or otherwise – a perfect addition to a brightly lit window in a towering brick school building.


PS – And check out this shadow!


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  1. Great post but what happened to the post about the home for the elite elderly? I didn’t get a chance to read it and can’t find it in the archives.

    Thank you for all the great posts and pictures!

  2. Or a ghost? (Too good a theory to pass up!) One person here describes a shadowy figure.

  3. more than a psycho moment a Blow Up moment

  4. That is my alma mater. There are so many cool places there that you probably haven’t even seen. That was not a ghost, it is a statue of Elizabeth Seton if I remember correctly. Did you get any of the castle?

  5. Statue plaque seems to say “Student Nurse,” not “Elizabeth Seton.”

  6. I actually recently graduated from CMSV and that is in fact a statue – I think it’s of Seton but I’m not 100% sure.

  7. I was hoping you would pay a visit to my alma mater! Those views bring back some great memories. You should check out the place after a good snow or once the spring green comes in. Just watch out for raccoons; they tend to come out early!

    As for the statue, I may have to go see what that’s about for myself!

  8. Ah so you where the one up there just a few days before I was. I was told another scout had just been up a few days before me.

    Yes that is a statue of a nurse, I was in that hallway as I was having to check out classrooms.

  9. Nicole Marie Vacca

    At some point you should check out Fordham University and Manhattan College’s campuses as well. I went to MC, there’s some really cool old places in nearby Van Cortlandt park and the campus itself is gorgeous. Ooh, and Woodlawn Cemetery is incredible as well…and the mansion at Preston High School…