Best Movie Closing Credit Ever

The other day, I happened to be rewatching John Carpenter’s In The Mouth of Madness. For whatever reason, I found myself sitting through the closing credits…and just before it ended, this came up:


If you’ve ever worked on a movie from optimistic beginnings to the bitter end, I think you’d agree that this should be at the end of most films.


PS – The second best closing credit ever can be found at the end of the 1964 Joan Crawford horror film Strait-Jacket. The film deals with decapitation, and if you stick through to the last frame, you’ll find Columbia’s “Torch Lady” looking a little shorter…


PPS – In The Mouth of Madness features one of the worst Toronto-As-NYC stand-ins I’ve ever seen. Though I do like the Hobbs End stuff…

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One comment

  1. I also liked the sunglasses on Lady Liberty at the end of Men in Black II