Biking on the Bruckner (!!!)

This post will probably only amaze New Yorkers, or really, New Yorkers who drive. But anyone with a car that travels frequently in the outer boroughs pretty much depends on I-278, most of which seems to have been imported from a third world country. It’s insanely busy, always under construction, the speed limit is essentially “as fast as you can go,” and the scattered lane markers are basically meaningless, as your lane could suddenly merge with the adjacent one without any notice.

Anyway, I was coming from the Bronx into Queens, and had just gone through the toll booths when I saw this guy:


I could not and still cannot believe it. I have no idea how he got past the strict toll booth guys, who pull over any car or van that looks suspicious, let alone nutty people who want to illegally bike in the Interstate. This guy still has at least 3/4ths of a mile to go til he gets over the Triborough Bridge, and there is no breakdown lane to speak. People were swerving around the guy and honking, but he kept right on going.

Awesome work, my friend.


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  1. Um, your non-native NYer is showing. That’s not the BQE. It’s the Bruckner, or just the Triboro Bridge. The BQE doesn’t start until the second exit off 278 in Queens.

  2. No helmet! That is truly an insane individual, no matter what the name of the road.

  3. Oops, thanks Fiona. Though I’ve lived here for ten years, I always mess up the various names for 278 (Bruckner, BQE, Gowanus, etc.). Fixed!

  4. That’s nothing, check out this guy who rode through the Holland Tunnel at rush hour:

  5. effingham bellweather

    This reminds me of the NYC Rollerblade phenomenon in the early 90s. It was quite common to see folks – who had obviously just stepped out of Paragon with new skates and all the fixins – think nothing of immediately jumping into Manhattan traffic. I don’t know if it was the operation of Darwinian law or the decline of inline skating’s popularity, but I can’t recall the last time I saw a skater with “beginner’s bend” rocketing out of control down the slope of fifth avenue leading down to MSP.

  6. Dude has a death wish I guess. I travel i278 often.. its a mess.

  7. This dude deserves on of those “Real American Hero” radio commercials.