Camping Out In Brooklyn

I was searching for elevator options around the northern part of Greenpoint when I came to that little park at the end of Manhattan Avenue, right along Newtown Creek…


…and noticed something through the bushes…


A tent! Someone is camping out in Brooklyn!


No, I did not find any campfire ashes or s’mores remnants in the area. In fact, got word of the tent squatter back in April, which means he’s been camping out for more than four months now. Free rent, and a riverside property no less! Best deal in Brooklyn?


Er, just don’t go swimming. Or touch the dirt.*


*From Wikipedia: Newtown Creek’s “outgoing flow of 14,000 million gallons/year consists of combined sewer overflow, urban runoff, raw domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater. Being estuarine, the creek is largely stagnant. Since there is no current in the creek, sludge has congealed into a 15-foot thick layer of “black mayonnaise” on the creek bed.” Soil in the area is considered significantly polluted and potentially toxic.

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  1. I give up. Searching for “elevator options.” Aside from designs for the elevator cage, or the choice of which button to push, it totally escapes me. What am I missing?

  2. Proximity thing – if you’re shooting two blocks away and the script has a short elevator scene, you try to cram it into one day and find an elevator within walking distance. Only problem is, this section of Greenpoint is all freight elevators, and we needed a typical boring office building look.

  3. Try over the creek in LIC.

  4. What an interesting- and cheap- way to summer in the city!

  5. Thats right where I live. Did you check out the “nature walk”… there have been remnants of what looks like animal sacrifices there.

  6. Well, I hope that tent or anyone who’s sleeping in that tent is not permanently placed there. But four months seem long enough! I hope the person is not affected by the toxicity of the place.

  7. Underneath the area of Newtown creek is one of the largest oil spills in US history. There is a giant underground plume of oil that has been there for decades. The sludge is not the only problem. Sounds like a great place for luxury developments.

  8. In case you’re ever looking for a legit campsite in Brooklyn, try Floyd Bennett Field. This vintage Army Air Corp Base is part of the Gateway Recreation Area (a National Park!) and there several camp sites on the facility. But you may know this, as sections of the old airfield are frequently used for temporary exterior sets.

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