A Peek Inside The World’s Largest Armory

There is nothing more seemingly antithetical to New York than its armories. In a city where every building strains toward the heavens without much of a thought to width, New York’s armories brazenly buck the trend by being massively wide and extremely squat – which is one of the reasons I love them so much. My favorite of all is ... Read More »

Scouting The Ruins of Jay Gould’s Indoor Pool

Whenever I go up to scout Lyndhurst Castle, railroad tycoon Jay Gould’s former estate on the Hudson River… …I’ve always wondered about the gated, semi-abandoned-looking property you pass on the way out. A bit of background: first built in 1838 for New York City mayor William Paulding, Jr., the estate was later purchased for use as a summer home by ... Read More »

Scouting Long Island’s Decommissioned Nuclear Power Plant

Driving on Route-25a through East Shoreham, you’d never guess there was anything unusual about the gated road heading off toward the coast. But go down a ways… …and suddenly, it’ll appear through the trees… Long Island’s only nuclear power plant, closed and shuttered since it was decommissioned in 1994. Today, it sits completely empty, a relic of 1970s design permanently ... Read More »

An Abandoned Stone Mansion Hiding In The Bronx

I’ve been doing a lot of scouting in the Highbridge Section of the Bronx, a neighborhood largely composed of large brick apartment buildings. The other day, I was driving down Woodycrest Avenue when something unusual caught my eye at the corner of West 167th Street… What the heck was that stone building tucked in behind the one-story shops?? Read More »

The Secret Pool In The Woolworth Building

Recently, I had the pleasure of scouting the Woolworth Building, which, as far as I’m concerned, is as close as you can come to visiting a royal palace in New York. From its towering vaulted ceilings… …covered in unbelievably ornate mosaics… Read More »

Exploring Abandoned Ellis Island – And How It Can Be Saved

The following article was produced in participation with the Partners in Preservation program, which will be awarding $3 million in grants to historic sites across New York City based on your votes – so go vote now! Chances are, when you think of Ellis Island, you picture just one building… The “Main Building,” a Beaux-Arts masterpiece built in 1900, through ... Read More »

Inside An Abandoned Masonic Hall In Tappan, NY

Last week, I was sent up to scout around Tappan, NY, a beautiful hamlet just over the New Jersey border. Each day, I found myself driving back and forth along a road called Western Highway… …and in the process, passing a gorgeous brick building that appeared to be abandoned. Was it a school, or former college? Perhaps the old town ... Read More »