Reader Emails About The Little Abandoned Terra-Cotta Building!

I was thrilled that so many of you love the little building under the 59th Street bridge as much as I do. I received a bunch of emails about the old Terra-Cotta Works, including one from someone whose great great grandfather worked there from around 1910 to 1920 and took of the building when it was in operation – perhaps ... Read More »

Exploring The Abandoned Pfizer Chemical Plant in Brooklyn

Today, Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with dozens of factories and research labs across the country, over 100,000 employees, and hundreds of billions in revenue. Amazing to think it all got started in a now-empty factory on the border between South Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy. Pfizer was founded as a fine chemicals business in 1849 by German-American ... Read More »

A Crashed Jet Abandoned in the NJ Woods

This past Memorial Day, we set out to find a treasure hidden in the New Jersey woods. We drove an hour west of the city to a pleasant area of New Jersey, then turned off into an unassuming residential neighborhood and parked at the end of a cul-de-sac. Just off the street, we found a trail into the woods and ... Read More »

Scouting An Abandoned Children’s Camp

Driving by, you’d only know it as a horse ranch, offering boarding services, hay, and horse trailers. But go up a dirt road in the back, and you’ll find a magical secret… An entire children’s sleepaway camp, dating to 1950, that has been abandoned for more than 15 years. Camp Wishe had everything you could want in a classic American ... Read More »

Exploring The Abandoned McKittrick Hotel on West 27th Street

Since I became a location scout, it’s been my dream to get into the old McKittrick Hotel at 530 West 27th Street. Built in 1939, the McKittrick Hotel is said to have been one of New York City’s finest, providing lavish accommodations on a far more intimate level than larger hotels like the Waldorf~Astoria or Plaza Hotel could manage. Before ... Read More »