The Abandoned Boyce Thompson Institute

I recently posted about scouting Alder Manor, a dilapidated yet beautiful abandoned mansion in Yonkers. The manor was owned by William Boyce Thompson, an extremely rich copper magnate in the early 1900’s. This past winter, I had the opportunity to check out the former Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, a beautiful brick structure located across the street from the ... Read More »

An Abandoned Country Estate in Yonkers

TO CONTACT ALDER MANOR ABOUT FILMING, PHOTO SHOOTS, WEDDINGS, OR ANY OTHER RENTAL PURPOSE, EMAIL joan@theplantmanor.com. PLEASE BE SURE TO SAY YOU GOT THE CONTACT FROM SCOUTING NY! It sits on a hill just outside of New York City, completely empty and, for years, decaying and nearly forgotten… This is Alder Manor, and it’s without question one of the most ... Read More »

The Slow Death of Admiral’s Row

If you were traveling down Flushing Ave around 1904, this was what you would have seen: Jump forward in time to 2009, and this is what remains: Admiral’s Row is a series of dilapidated yet gorgeous Second Empire-style mansions once used to house officers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Some of them date back to the Civil War. Left to ... Read More »

A Snowy Day At Fort Totten

When I was a little kid, seeing two abandoned buildings like these would have set my imagination racing. I would have killed to go inside and explore their secrets. What would I find on the other side of boarded up doorways, broken windows, and crumbling brick walls? What sort of decaying furniture and forgotten relics would be waiting inside? Who ... Read More »