April 1

Where To Find The Best Water on the Planet (Hint: Brooklyn)

Hi folks – really exciting announcement today. Over the years, I’ve been approached by numerous NYC-based start-ups looking for a branding partnership with Scouting NY. And, to date, I’ve turned down every single one. It’s not that I’m against the idea in principle, it’s just that that all have wanted me to vouch for their “Made in NYC” quality – ... Read More »

The 8 Best Fake Storefronts & Phony Building Facades In New York City

Way way back, when I first started Scouting NY, I did a post about a great tailor shop window I saw in Chinatown, writing “I love this sign lettering that is most definitely not nostalgic/ironic.” Of course, I had been completely fooled. Back then, this was actually Milk & Honey, a super hip, semi-secret, invitation-only bar. The phony tailor storefront ... Read More »

Contest! Where Did Scout Go On Vacation?

I have a confession to make: about a year ago, I was ready to leave New York. For some reason, all the negatives of city living had really gotten to me: the high rent, the go-go-go mentality, the lack of space, the traffic, the noise… Luckily, my fiancee talked me off the ledge, and instead suggested we make a goal ... Read More »

My First Trip to New York City

A few weeks ago, I was at my parents’ house when my mom dug out a box of pictures from my first trip to New York City. I got a kick out of looking through them, and decided to post them to show you that even I was a tourist in NYC once! Hope you enjoy, and I’d love to ... Read More »

Exploring The Abandoned McKittrick Hotel on West 27th Street

Since I became a location scout, it’s been my dream to get into the old McKittrick Hotel at 530 West 27th Street. Built in 1939, the McKittrick Hotel is said to have been one of New York City’s finest, providing lavish accommodations on a far more intimate level than larger hotels like the Waldorf~Astoria or Plaza Hotel could manage. Before ... Read More »

Scouting an Abandoned Hotel in Southern California

Whenever I see a sign like the one below hanging outside of an abandoned property, I immediately feel an intense desire to get inside. When such a sign is hanging outside a hotel built in the early 1900’s in Southern California that has been boarded up since 1939, that urge goes through the roof. Let me repeat: has been boarded ... Read More »

The Scouting NY Tourist Guide To The Big Apple

Dear Scout – Love your site! I’ll be visiting Manhattan for the first time in a few weeks, but I’ll only be in town for a few days. Can you offer any advice on what to see/do in my short time there? Thanks! – A Frequent Reader Every week, I receive a number of emails asking what I’d recommend covering ... Read More »

The Unbelievable Buried Town on Governors Island

Note: This does not exist anymore! Read the comments for more information! Do not go out to Governors Island looking for it! Today, I finally got on the ferry and went out to Governors Island. For you non-New Yorkers, Governors Island is an island located just south of Manhattan and was once used as a military base. An entire complex of ... Read More »