Artificial Legs on Livingston Street

I was walking to pick up a fire hydrant permit in Brooklyn yesterday when I noticed a really interesting ghost sign on the side of 208 Livingston Street: For anyone unfamiliar with the term, a “ghost sign” is an ad for a company that no longer exists. This one is an ad for a company called Pomeroy, and it was ... Read More »

Exploring The Abandoned Pfizer Chemical Plant in Brooklyn

Today, Pfizer is the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with dozens of factories and research labs across the country, over 100,000 employees, and hundreds of billions in revenue. Amazing to think it all got started in a now-empty factory on the border between South Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy. Pfizer was founded as a fine chemicals business in 1849 by German-American ... Read More »

Awesome Brooklyn Truck Looks Like A Subway Car

I noticed something really cool while driving home through Greenpoint the other night… Some guy painted his truck to look like a subway car! Not only is the train layout pretty darn accurate… …it’s made even cooler by the awesome 70’s/80’s-style graffiti on its sides! Seriously, how great is this? Both sides of the train are covered in bubble letters… ... Read More »

Remembering A Plane Crash In Brooklyn

Driving into work this morning, I heard on the news that today marks the 50th anniversary of one of the worst airline disasters in history: the mid-air collision of two planes over Staten Island. Of the 128 passengers and crew members aboard the two flights, all were killed save for a 10 year old boy named Stephen Baltz, who had ... Read More »

Pocket Change – A Plane Crash In Brooklyn

This is 126 Sterling Place in Park Slope. Most likely, you’ve never paid much attention to it… …and if you have, chances are you haven’t noticed the that the bricks on the upper levels don’t match the rest of the building. While it might seem like a trivial detail, this is pretty much the only clue that the area once ... Read More »

Eagles on the BQE

The Brooklyn Queens Expressway, or BQE, is one of New York’s more miserable driving experiences. For some reason, the BQE is endlessly under construction (yet never seems to get any better), is barely wide enough to support its six lanes, and at any time of day, there’s a solid chance you’ll hit bumper to bumper traffic… …which is where I ... Read More »

The Coney Island Bank Building Is Gone Forever – R.I.P.

You know, all this time, I secretly believed the Coney Island Bank building would somehow be saved. Sure, it’d take a miracle, but when I saw this conceptual idea of one way it could be restored, I thought: maybe it’ll all work out in the end. Maybe one of the last few historic Coney Island buildings will not only to ... Read More »

Williamsburg’s Secret Beach

Though it borders the East River, no one really thinks of Williamsburg as a beachside community. But go behind some of the buildings on Kent Ave, climb down this rickety ladder taking care not to kill yourself on the rocks below… …and you’ll find that Williamsburg does indeed have its own beach! Sure, it’s not particularly large… …but it’s got ... Read More »