The Graham Home For Old Ladies

One of my favorite buildings in Brooklyn can be found at 320 Washington Ave in the Clinton Hill area. Set back a bit from the main street, with a wrap-around driveway and surrounded by lush green trees, it’s in pristine condition for its 160+ years. Every time I drive by, I’ve wondered what its purpose was. So today, I got ... Read More »

Staying Together on Division

Sorry in advance for the cuteness factor, but I couldn’t resist taking pictures of these two stray cats down on Division Ave & Kent Ave in Williamsburg. Everywhere they went, they walked side by side, practically pressed up against each other. I wish I had a few more to show how unwilling to separate they were, but they didn’t seem ... Read More »

The Psychedelic Bus Dog

I frequently drive past this parking lot at Kent and Broadway in Williamsburg. Whenever I pass, I notice the psychedelic bus parked there… …and I wonder: what’s the story with the pit bull sitting in the second to last seat? He’s always there, staring morosely out the window at passing cars. I’d say he’s a guard dog, except there’s really ... Read More »

Tragedy on Broadway

It’s funny how you stumble on interesting bits in the unlikeliest of places. I was scouting Broadway in Brooklyn, which runs underneath the elevated JMZ train and is basically a series of greasy restaurants, dollar stores, and bodegas. If you look closely, partially covered up by the 99¢ store sign is this really great sculpture, which centers on a tragedy ... Read More »

The Slow Death of Admiral’s Row

If you were traveling down Flushing Ave around 1904, this was what you would have seen: Jump forward in time to 2009, and this is what remains: Admiral’s Row is a series of dilapidated yet gorgeous Second Empire-style mansions once used to house officers at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Some of them date back to the Civil War. Left to ... Read More »

Back In Time In Midwood

Nothing is better than driving through a neighborhood I’ve never been to and stumbling on something like this: You can find this amazing art-moderne building at the corner of Beverley Rd and Bedford Ave, and when I say Bedford Ave, I don’t mean a stretch in Williamsburg/Greenpoint, or Bed-Stuy. Some of you might be surprised to learn (as I was) ... Read More »

The Navy Yard Lounge

Note: this is now gone. This is probably familiar to anyone who drives down Flushing Ave off of the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, but I’ve always loved the exterior of the Navy Yard Lounge, which looks like what I imagine a lot more bars were like about 20 or 30 years ago. Doesn’t this look like the kind of place ... Read More »

Amazing Vintage Electronics Store Sign In Brooklyn

I was early for an appointment at a Brooklyn college this afternoon to shoot some science labs, so I stopped for lunch in Park Slope. A Yelp search told me that Roma’s Pizza was decent (3/5 stars in my book), and as I was parking, I noticed this appliance store… J&R TV (108 7th Ave btw. Union & President, Brooklyn ... Read More »

A Rose Grows In Brooklyn

Note: this is now gone. I was under the JMZ elevated subway line in South Williamsburg today near Marcy Ave when I noticed this steel rose bolted to the ground: I’m not sure if this was commissioned by the city, or installed by an anonymous artist under the cover of night – there wasn’t a plaque around to explain its ... Read More »