A Mental Asylum Cemetery Hidden In The Woods

On Call Hollow Road, in the Pomona/Stony Point area about 25 miles north of the city, there is a trail that leads off into the woods. Follow the trail in, and you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded on all sides by towering trees. A few minutes up the trail, just after you cross over a small brook, the trees will suddenly ... Read More »

The Little Greenhouse Across From The Cemetery

Last Saturday, I had the always enjoyable task of going to Time Warner Brooklyn, where I waited for an hour in line to exchange a broken cable box, only to get one that turned out to be worse than the first. I figured the afternoon was a bust, until I realized I’d parked across the street from a place I’ve ... Read More »

The Smallest Graveyard In Manhattan

One of my favorite cemeteries in New York is so small, I must have walked by it dozens of times in my travels before I first noticed it. Don’t feel bad if you’ve missed it too. Lined by residential buildings, it’s only natural to assume the short stretch of fencing on the south side of West 11th Street to be ... Read More »

Woolworth’s Insane Egyptian Temple Mausoleum (And A Few Others)

As I was exploring New York City’s cemeteries for my recent article on the Titanic, I ended up shooting a bunch of random graves that happened to catch my eye. I was just looking through the folder of pictures, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. First off, this is department store mogul F. W. Woolworth’s mausoleum ... Read More »

The Three Private Graves In Manhattan

If you’re ever up at Riverside Park around Grant’s Tomb, be sure to take a moment and visit a slightly smaller grave nearby. Consisting of a simple urn and pedestal surrounded by a small fence, it’s easy to miss if you’re not looking for it… But in a way, it’s a pretty important monument: this is one of only three ... Read More »

Houdini’s Final Vanishing Act in Queens

Cypress Hills Street might as well be called the Graveyard Highway. A wide, four-lane thruway located in Glendale, Queens, it cuts through The Cemetery Belt – a sprawling collection of cemeteries established after the State Rural Cemeteries Act of 1847 forbade the creation of any new cemeteries in Manhattan. I was out there recently to scout graveyards, and made a ... Read More »

In Search of Ichabod Crane

At the corner of Richmond Ave and Amsterdam Place on Staten Island… …is a decaying graveyard known as New Springville Cemetery: The deteriorating fence alone gives a pretty good indication of what awaits inside: The first section of the cemetery is in decent shape… As you make your way back, however, you soon come across dozens of broken graves… …many ... Read More »

The Hidden Cemetery on Second Avenue

I must have walked past the entrance to Marble Cemetery on Second Ave (btw. 2nd & 3rd Sts.) countless times before I first noticed its existence (and I’m guessing I’m not the only one). Sandwiched between two buildings is this iron gate (technically 41 1/2 Second Ave), which is locked 99% of the year. Even if you notice the sign, ... Read More »