Pick The Next NYC Movie For A Then & Now Comparison!

To date, Scouting NY has done full then-and-now movie comparisons of Ghostbusters, Taxi Driver, Rosemary’s Baby, Annie Hall, The Godfather, North by Northwest, The Apartment, The Warriors, Pickup on South Street and Eyes Wide Shut (sort of!). I open it up to the floor: what movie would you like to see covered next? Leave your vote in the comments, and ... Read More »

In Memory of Egon Spengler

As a child, Egon Spengler was my hero. It’s funny to think that in a decade populated by such brawny cartoon characters as the steroided-out He-Man gang, the all-powerful Transformers, and the bicep-flexing GI Joe’s, a skinny, awkward, glasses-wearing scientist could somehow stand out from the crowd. But Egon was my favorite. I wore out about ten different action figures, ... Read More »

Dancing Dan’s Christmas

This is a very sweet little New York City Christmas crime story by Damon Runyon (best known for Guys and Dolls). Set primarily in a speakeasy, it’s best to picture it being narrated with a thick Brooklyn accent, with just the right amount of Yuletide inebriation. Merry Christmas! Dancing Dan’s Christmas by Damon Runyon Now one time it comes on ... Read More »

Why Everyone Films At The Same Damn New York Chinese Restaurant

So the other day, I finally saw Men In Black III, and there was one location that stood out: Located in Chinatown, Wu’s is THE Chinese restaurant all directors beg us to find. From the paper lanterns and intricate woodwork… …to the numerous fish tanks and detailed wallpaper. Throw in the hanging ducks in the window, and you’ve got every ... Read More »

What Will New Yorkers Be Eating As Hurricane Irene Passes Over?
A Special Scouting NY Eyewitness Report! – Updated!

What do New Yorkers eat during crisis situations? A fascinating question. While I was hoping to avoid supermarkets due to the hordes of New Yorkers snatching up every last item like the apocalypse is at hand, my Saturday night Hurricane Irene Survival Fiesta unfortunately necessitated a trip to not one but two local groceries. Here’s what I learned: Read More »

Summer Reading: How To Make A Movie

Sure, Duane Reade already has the Halloween decorations out, but there are still a few weeks left to summer yet, and plenty of time to clock in at least one or two more summer reads. If you happen to be looking for a last minute recommendation, and have ever been curious how movies actually get made, here are a few ... Read More »