Forget It, Gweilo – It’s Chinatown

Next time you’re passing through Chinatown, take a look at some of the business signs on buildings and you’ll notice that most have a phone number posted, many with two or even three. Not that unusual in New York, and I never gave it a second thought until a few years ago, when I was working on a film shooting ... Read More »

T-Bone’s Flowers & Gifts

Sorry if it’s been a little quiet this week, I’m in the midst of a big apartment move. Ha, while I was cleaning out some old college boxes, I found this card that someone gave me the first night I was in New York. I was 18 and still scared to be out in the city at night, and all ... Read More »

Summer Reading List! Sailing Alone Around The World

In 1895, a man named Joshua Slocum decided to be the first man to ever sail around the world alone. Slocum was 51 years old. His formal education ended in 3rd grade, and he didn’t even know how to swim. His ship was a rotting shell of an oyster boat named The Spray. He left Massachusetts with almost no money ... Read More »

A New Year’s Mystery – Revealed!

It happened in midtown Manhattan in the early afternoon on New Year’s Eve that a man walked several kilometers from West 32nd Street all the way to West 63rd Street without seeing anyone or being seen by anyone. (pic by Flickr user undeleterious) It was a clear sunny day. He did not use any disguise or unusual method of transportation. ... Read More »

Remembering A Plane Crash In Brooklyn

Driving into work this morning, I heard on the news that today marks the 50th anniversary of one of the worst airline disasters in history: the mid-air collision of two planes over Staten Island. Of the 128 passengers and crew members aboard the two flights, all were killed save for a 10 year old boy named Stephen Baltz, who had ... Read More »

True Scouting Tales! – Alex’s Awning

There’s a guy. We’ll call him Alex. Alex owns a store underneath an elevated subway platform in Brooklyn. Alex’s store sells merchandise of a certain ilk: knock-off colognes, cheap luggage, bootleg DVD’s, overpriced 99 cent store items, etc. He’s as sleazy as you can imagine, and is clearly taking advantage of a clientele that doesn’t know any better. As it ... Read More »

A Mad Look At 225 Lafayette Street

You’ve probably passed 225 Lafayette Street at the corner of Spring Street in Soho a zillion times in your travels and not thought much of it. Built in 1909, it was converted to condos in 1988; a typical unit now goes for over $1.5 million. The ground floor space, formerly the East River Savings Bank, has housed a number of ... Read More »

Did Scouting NY Readers Help A Guy Get Engaged?

A few weeks ago, I ran a post about a guy who emailed me for help in finding a unique New York location to propose to his girlfriend. I turned the question over to Scouting NY readers asking for original ideas (not the Empire State Building observatory!), and we received a ton of really great options. Since then, I’ve been ... Read More »