Where Should This Reader Propose To His Girlfriend?

Quick note: A reader wrote me asking for a good place to propose to his girlfriend. Rather than limit it to my locations knowledge, I asked my readers, and was inundated with lots of great ideas. If you’re looking for a good place to propose in NYC, just check through the comments. A Scouting NY reader is planning on proposing ... Read More »

They’re Watching You

Nothing makes scouting a claustrophobic, pitch-black abandoned underground tunnel by flashlight better than looking up and seeing these things a foot above your head: My guide assured me that the literally thousands of insects sitting motionlessly on the walls were just crickets…but for some reason, this didn’t make it all better. -SCOUT Read More »

Summers Above Central Park

A few years back, I was working on a film that had a camera position on the roof of a building just south of Central Park. The position required some construction, about two weeks of prep work, and I was assigned to “babysit” the crew – basically let them in, keep an eye on them while they worked, hold down ... Read More »