The Secret Train Car in Bloomingdale’s

The other day, I was searching for restaurants around midtown when something came up on my phone that seemed too good to be true. I headed into Bloomingdale’s… …Passed through clothing floor after clothing floor… …Got lost… …Somehow found myself in housewares on the fifth floor… …and finally, found this staircase: I started up the stairs… …and arrived at the ... Read More »

The Secret Pool In The Woolworth Building

Recently, I had the pleasure of scouting the Woolworth Building, which, as far as I’m concerned, is as close as you can come to visiting a royal palace in New York. From its towering vaulted ceilings… …covered in unbelievably ornate mosaics… Read More »

Exploring Abandoned Ellis Island – And How It Can Be Saved

The following article was produced in participation with the Partners in Preservation program, which will be awarding $3 million in grants to historic sites across New York City based on your votes – so go vote now! Chances are, when you think of Ellis Island, you picture just one building… The “Main Building,” a Beaux-Arts masterpiece built in 1900, through ... Read More »

The Titanic Guide To New York City

A few months ago, my girlfriend and I sat down to watch the best movie ever made about the Titanic – and no, I’m not referring to the one rereleased this past weekend in 3D… I think the world is divided into two camps: those who love James Cameron’s Hollywood epic, and those who never want to hear the word ... Read More »

A Crashed Jet Abandoned in the NJ Woods

This past Memorial Day, we set out to find a treasure hidden in the New Jersey woods. We drove an hour west of the city to a pleasant area of New Jersey, then turned off into an unassuming residential neighborhood and parked at the end of a cul-de-sac. Just off the street, we found a trail into the woods and ... Read More »