Financial District

A 19th Century Candy Store Hidden Near Wall Street

Last week, I wrote about a World War I fighter plane on the roof of 77 Water Street. As it turns out, that’s just one of many surprises to be found around the building! As I was waiting for my appointment to check out the plane, I took a few pictures outside the building from the street… …then headed across ... Read More »

How To Land A Plane On A New York City Skyscraper

For over 40 years, a mysterious World War I fighter plane perched on the roof at 77 Water Street  has been fascinating Wall Street denizens and Google Map explorers alike. Yet despite having been mentioned in numerous articles about unusual New York oddities, to my knowledge, not a single person has ever actually been on the roof to see the ... Read More »

The Financial District Pharaohs

I’m not sure how well you can see these from the ground, but adorning the corners of this building are some great pharaohs, complete with headdresses and wings: As a sidenote, if you look at the buildings to the left, you’ll see some bear heads keeping watch: -SCOUT Read More »

The Wall Street Fish

I love that thousands of New Yorkers go about their business every day unaware of the countless eyes watching from the skies. Case in point: this building I noticed while scouting a rooftop near Wall Street: They’re virtually impossible to see from the street, but lining the top floor is a row of fish. Maybe they act as some sort ... Read More »