Gone Forever

How To Erase A 75-Year-Old Drug Store From Existence

Got some bad news. Last year I wrote about Mishkin’s, a classic New York City drug store at 145th Street and Amsterdam. Not only does Mishkin’s have one the all-time greatest neon signs in the city… Stepping inside was literally like taking a trip to the 1940s… …with wood-paneled walls and shelves… …ancient drawers behind the counter… …ladders to get ... Read More »

Gone Forever: The Ghost House In Queens

In June ’11, I wrote about one of my favorite “haunted house”-like properties in New York City, a dilapidated yet once beautiful Victorian located at 3103 37th Avenue in Queens: Gone forever: Several readers sent me this article in the Queens Gazette about its recent demise. Can’t wait to see what goes up in its place. You can read my ... Read More »

The Last Arcade in Chinatown – A Trip To Chinatown Fair

Note: Chinatown Fair closed for good about two weeks after I posted this article. It’s in Chinatown, and it’s best to visit late on a Friday or Saturday night. From Canal Street, head south on Bowery past Chatham Square… …and turn right onto the dimly lit, deserted Mott Street. It’s at #8 Mott, though you’ll know you’re there simply because ... Read More »

The Fight for 35 Cooper Square

Note: It’s gone. You know 35 Cooper Square, right? Sure you do. It’s that cute little building hidden in the shadow of the modern Cooper Square Hotel, a building best described architecturally as having been inspired by Optimus Prime’s phallus. If you had passed it today at around 4:30pm, you’d have seen a group of passionate protesters standing outside with ... Read More »

The Coney Island Bank Building Is Gone Forever – R.I.P.

You know, all this time, I secretly believed the Coney Island Bank building would somehow be saved. Sure, it’d take a miracle, but when I saw this conceptual idea of one way it could be restored, I thought: maybe it’ll all work out in the end. Maybe one of the last few historic Coney Island buildings will not only to ... Read More »

RIP: Fulton Fish Market

In November ’05, Manhattan’s historic Fulton Fish Market left its home at the South Street Seaport for new pastures in the Bronx, ending an incredible 183 year run.  Since 1822, the market has been one of the most important wholesale fish markets in the country, where fresh fish of literally every variety are available. The buildings are now empty and ... Read More »

The Navy Yard Lounge

Note: this is now gone. This is probably familiar to anyone who drives down Flushing Ave off of the old Brooklyn Navy Yard, but I’ve always loved the exterior of the Navy Yard Lounge, which looks like what I imagine a lot more bars were like about 20 or 30 years ago. Doesn’t this look like the kind of place ... Read More »