Something Wicked To Bleecker Street Comes

Every October, I make it a point to take a walk down Bleecker Street and check out the Ralph Lauren stores, which as far as I’m concerned, have some of the best Halloween displays in the city. Rather than being goofy or gorey or over the top, they’re always done with creativity and great attention to detail. Really dug this ... Read More »

The Smallest Graveyard In Manhattan

One of my favorite cemeteries in New York is so small, I must have walked by it dozens of times in my travels before I first noticed it. Don’t feel bad if you’ve missed it too. Lined by residential buildings, it’s only natural to assume the short stretch of fencing on the south side of West 11th Street to be ... Read More »

Woolworth’s Insane Egyptian Temple Mausoleum (And A Few Others)

As I was exploring New York City’s cemeteries for my recent article on the Titanic, I ended up shooting a bunch of random graves that happened to catch my eye. I was just looking through the folder of pictures, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. First off, this is department store mogul F. W. Woolworth’s mausoleum ... Read More »

A Very Creepy House in Brooklyn

Scouting NY is having a Halloween contest in which you submit a picture of your favorite local eerie property and win tickets to NY’s infamous Nightmare Haunted House! This is what my submission would be… This is what I imagine it looks like when a house possessed by evil opens one eye to stare at you: This and dozens of ... Read More »

The Haunting of 136 Clinton Avenue (From the NY Times!)

While searching the NY Times archives recently, I stumbled on a bunch of amusing articles about New York City hauntings from the 1800’s. Today, a modern Times reporter would probably have to shake hands with a ghost before any such article would see print, but back then, superstitions ran high and articles on ghostly occurrences and the supernatural were fairly ... Read More »

In Search of Ichabod Crane

At the corner of Richmond Ave and Amsterdam Place on Staten Island… …is a decaying graveyard known as New Springville Cemetery: The deteriorating fence alone gives a pretty good indication of what awaits inside: The first section of the cemetery is in decent shape… As you make your way back, however, you soon come across dozens of broken graves… …many ... Read More »

Halloween in NY: Bleecker Street

Halloween is the only time of the year that I actually pay attention to store window displays, and I’m always impressed by the offerings on Bleecker Street in the West Village. I took a bike ride down Bleecker today to take some pictures (I’m convinced there’s some sort of secret neighborhood association that spreads extra leaves on the ground to ... Read More »