Hidden Surprises

A Peek Inside The World’s Largest Armory

There is nothing more seemingly antithetical to New York than its armories. In a city where every building strains toward the heavens without much of a thought to width, New York’s armories brazenly buck the trend by being massively wide and extremely squat – which is one of the reasons I love them so much. My favorite of all is ... Read More »

Drying Your Clothes The Old (Old!) Fashioned Way on the Upper West Side

This past weekend, I was scouting one of those gargantuan pre-war beauties along Riverside Drive. While in the basement, I accidentally walked into the laundry room and stumbled upon the coolest thing… Check out these amazing laundry drying cabinets, easily 100+ years old! Each slot features a vertical rack that slides out, with numerous rungs for clothes. I’m guessing this ... Read More »

There’s A Private Island Home Off The Coast of New York City

A few months ago, I had to charter a boat to take scout pictures of Davids Island, located in Long Island Sound off the coast of New Rochelle. As we were curving around the southern side of the island, I noticed something in the distance… A squat, one-story structure on its own private island. . Though it seemed dilapidated and ... Read More »

There’s A 200-Year-Old Haunted Well In This Soho Clothing Store

Last month, COS (H&M’s sister brand) opened a store at 129 Spring Street in Soho, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of either Swedish minimalist fashions OR allegedly haunted 18th century wells. If you fall into the latter category, head into the store’s first floor and hang a left… Proceed down the stairs to the men’s ... Read More »

A Mental Asylum Cemetery Hidden In The Woods

On Call Hollow Road, in the Pomona/Stony Point area about 25 miles north of the city, there is a trail that leads off into the woods. Follow the trail in, and you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded on all sides by towering trees. A few minutes up the trail, just after you cross over a small brook, the trees will suddenly ... Read More »

Century-Old Steampunk Hiding In A Hospital Basement

Last week, I was scouting a hospital basement for interesting spaces when I happened to notice something lurking in one corner… …this enormous iron wheel-shaped machine: As it turns out, this was part of the original steam generator system that powered the hospital in the early 1900s (now long since out of use). Made by Crocker-Wheeler of Oswego, this beast ... Read More »

Visit The Abandoned Ellis Island Hospital While You Can!

One of my all-time, hands-down, most favorite places to explore in New York City is the abandoned hospital complex on Ellis Island. Normally off-limits to the public, tours are suddenly being offered for the first time in 60 years, and I highly, highly suggest you go while the opportunity exists. I wrote about my first visit a few years ago. ... Read More »