Hidden Surprises

The Most Beautiful McDonald’s In America

Last week, I was out in Long Island scouting around Jericho Turnpike, which, if you’ve never had the pleasure of driving, is one of those hellish, strip mall-lined highways with traffic lights that are perfectly synchronized to make your travel time as long as possible. Read More »

Exploring Hangar B, Where Dying Airplanes Return To Life

This article was produced in participation with the Partners in Preservation program, which will be awarding $3 million in grants to historic sites across New York City based on your votes – so go vote now! Then, tell me who you voted for for a chance to win a $50 AmEx gift card! This past January, I wrote a pretty ... Read More »

Woolworth’s Insane Egyptian Temple Mausoleum (And A Few Others)

As I was exploring New York City’s cemeteries for my recent article on the Titanic, I ended up shooting a bunch of random graves that happened to catch my eye. I was just looking through the folder of pictures, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorites. First off, this is department store mogul F. W. Woolworth’s mausoleum ... Read More »

Sniffin’ Around Sniffen Court

The best way to encounter Sniffen Court is to stumble upon it by accident…which is exactly what I did the other day as I was walking up East 36th Street. From down the street, it’s nearly invisible… …and then, halfway down the block, you come across this wonderful little alley lined with charming two-story brick residences: Read More »

Puzzler Answer! Where Is This Photogenic NY Lake?

Director: I need an upstate New York lake. Foliage. Picturesque, secluded, quiet, and NO city buildings on the horizon. Producer: Scouts! Time to mobilize! But remember – you have to find the lake in the five boroughs or the unions will break my legs. Panicked Newbie Scout: Where are we going to find anything like that in the five boroughs?? ... Read More »